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Archives for July 2015

Natural Techniques for Preventing Dandruff

All of us has at least once in our life has given up on getting rid of this dry, itchy scalp and changed the wardrobe of black dresses. As many would say, if you have dandruff you do not have the license to wear black. But what will you do if black is your only favorite color? You don’t have to throw away your black outfits. Nature can save you. Want to find out how? Here we go.


Neem – A solution to All Infections

Indian lilac or neem is hugely recommended in traditional medicines. It is known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties. In case your scalp needs to be set free from those little germs and not just get rid of dry scales, neem is the solution you should be seeking. Apply neem paste on your scalp and wash off after drying. You will know the difference soon.

Vinegar – Sour Solution

Not all the solutions are going to be spicy or bitter. Some might even be bit sour, but the experience is going to be sweet one at the end. Confused? Bear with us as we tell you about the sour solution. Let us retrace our path where we were trying to understand what exactly dandruff is. Dandruff simply refers to the dead skin cells on scalp due to lack of enough moisture or at times due to fungal or bacterial infection. The dead scales pile up, block the pores of your scalp and thus stop nutrients to reach the root of your hair.

Vinegar can help you solve such issues. So as you apply vinegar to your scalp, it stops the piling up of dead skin cells on your scalp and prevents pore blockage. Another bonus is the feature of vinegar we termed as “fungicide”. So it prevents the fungus from making a home on your scalp and thus restores scalp health as good as ever.

Aloe Vera – the Cool Plant

Remember the feeling you get when you are having a tough day and you decide to take a hot shower? Yes, I know that. And trust me it’s the same feeling you get as a result of the application of aloe vera gel on your scalp. Squeeze take an aloe vera gel and apply directly to your scalp. It is going to moisturize your otherwise dry scalp, rejuvenate your healthy hair and destroy all those terrible scales of dandruff.

If you’re looking for the best results for skin and hair care, do not forget to use our range of Vine Vera products that are sure to help you get rid of your worries in no time.

Skin Benefits of White Wine

A lot of us love our glasses of wine with our meals. But did you know they can be excellent for your skin as well with their rejuvenating abilities? Using white wine as a facial is becoming an extremely popular trend in society. According to various cosmetic surgeons, the tartaric acid in wine allows new cells to born in the outer layers of the skin. There are various nutrients in wine that clear the skin completely. Also, white wine contains various antioxidants like flavonoid, tannin and resveratrol. They are perfect for countering free radicals and enable the skin to stay glowing and healthy. The amino acids present in white win boosts skin radiance and protects from sun damage.

White wine

White Wine Facials

Various people are indulging in white wine facials out of curiosity and are being surprised by wonderful results. The skin looks supple, younger and glowing after a couple facials. Various skin therapists recommend white wine facials because they understand the needs of people who want to look younger, and there is nothing better than white wine. People of all ages, from 18 to 60 are using white wine facials every day to rejuvenate their skin.

White wine facials are the not the only wine-based facials that can be used. Red wine, grape wine, apple wine and elderberry wine can all be used for facial therapy. White wine is a toast to wellness and good health. When mixed with other organic products, a vitamin C rich facial can be easily made for healthy skin. Vitamin C is known to eliminate free radicals very easily, which are the main cause of skin aging and dullness.

How often should you apply a facial?

Applying a face pack once in a week is recommended for most people. Due to its strong nature the effects of the facial lasts a very long time. Before creating your facial recipes, it is advisable to look up tried and tested recipes to create highly effective facials that will boost your skin’s radiance and beauty. And one such brand to rely upon is Vine Vera.