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Archives for April 2016

Getting Prepared for Dry Winters

Woman Applying Lip Balm

Winters can really give people a harsh and challenging time since there are abrupt and sizeable changes in the environment around them. People can feel the drying of the skin of their body, face, palms, etc. which can really make them irritable. Most of the people dread the winters because they are at a loss to understand the wrath of nature. However, basic preliminary steps could be taken by the people in order to ensure that they are completely prepared for the onset of the winters. This basic preparation is going to ensure that they embrace the winters with open arms and revel in the beauty of nature

Protecting The Face

One can put loads of clothes on them but they can’t cover their face. So, the most important step is to protect the face first of all. One must always use moisturizers in order to ensure that the skin of the face retains a considerable amount of water or moisture. So, one could exercise various options in this regards and pick up the befitting moisturizer according to their skin. Usually, the moisturizers with natural ingredients, like royal jelly, honey, etc. are very effective.  Hyaluronic acid is a very good ingredient for retaining the moisture in the skin of the face.

Protecting The Body

Even if the body get covered by clothes, still, it is pivotal to protect the body from dryness since dryness can lead to itchiness which can be really irritating thus. So, in order to ensure that the body remains dry, one must go for hydrating creams for the body. Also, plant-based oils like sesame oil, almond oil, avocado oil, borage oil, etc. are found to be more effective in maintaining the hydration of the skin for a longer time. This is because of the smaller and lighter molecules of these oils which facilitates the easy sinking into the skin. However, mineral oils are not as effective because the skin isn’t able to absorb these oils completely.

Protecting The Hands

For the protection of the hands, one must ensure that one always uses the lukewarm water to wash the hands. Then, the bar soap that one uses should also be oil-based since that is more effective. Further, it is best for the hand wash to be sulphate free since sulphates remove the top layer called the lipid layer of the skin of the hands and thus cause more irritation.

Protecting The Body From Inside

While ensuring that one maintains the smoothness of the skin from the outside, it is also significant to ensure that the body remains protected from the inside as well. For this, one must drink a lot of water in order to remain hydrated. This also keeps the toxins at bay and the digestive system of the body functions perfectly. Also, the inclusion of citrus fruits, along with fibre rich fruits, further consolidates the digestive system of the body, along with imparting desired glow to the skin.

Protecting The Mind

One can grow really anxious in winters since a lot of changes happen to the body. So, it is also necessary to ensure that one’s mind remains calm and focused. For this, orange and other citrus fruits are found to be effective in improving the mood of the people by reducing the anxiety.

The Curious Case Of Wrinkles

Woman Posing Worried

Wrinkles are the unusual ridges and fine lines that appear as the result of skin losing its elasticity and smoothness. The appearance of wrinkles is commonly associated with aging. It is imperative to know that aging is not the only cause for wrinkles. Prolonged exposure to sun, heredity, smoking, depression, stress and unhealthy eating habits are also various causes for the onset of wrinkles.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Our skin is made up of three layers i.e. the epidermis, dermis and the subcutaneous layer. The epidermis is body’s first barrier to keep germs and other parasites out of the body. On the other hand, the dermis is the layer that is responsible for providing strength and elasticity to the skin. The subcutaneous layer is mainly composed of fatty tissues. As our skin cells wear off, they lose their ability to regenerate quickly. The skin begins thinning out due to which the epidermis loses the ability to hold back moisture. As a result, the dermis begins to loosen the stretchiness and flexibility. Fine lines and folds begin to appear on the face and body. These folds and lines are often visible near the corners of the eyes and mouth.

Treatment For Wrinkles

Some people believe that wrinkles personify wisdom and experience and therefore cherish it. On the other hand, a large number of people do not like withered and shriveled skin and thus want to keep wrinkles at bay for as long as possible. If you belong to the second group of people, then you should know that there are wide varieties of treatment options available.

All Natural Treatments

Many people believe that the organic products are the best and safest way to treat wrinkles. Therefore, the market feels compelled to offer all natural supplements, lotions and creams to combat wrinkles.

Spa Treatments

Regular spa treatments such as facials and body massages are beneficial in providing soothing and calming effect to the body and mind. A relaxed mind leads to a relaxed body, thus reducing fine lines.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are also a viable option. The procedure removes dead skin layer with the help of mild chemicals. Glycolic acid peel offers a superficial peeling while deeper peels offer a more enhanced and comprehensive peeling of skin layer.

Dermabrasion And Microdermabrasion

These are surgical procedures that are performed with the help of machines under the guidance of expert dermatologists. These procedures offer a fairly long term smoother skin tone and texture. However, the side effects may be adverse and can lead to permanent scarring and pigmentation.


Botox and fillers have been in use for the treatment of wrinkles for a long time. These injections fill out the ridges and folds of the wrinkles skin to give a smoother and younger skin.

Laser Resurfacing

Among many treatments, laser resurfacing is quickly gaining popularity among the masses. Both ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing treatments effectively even out the skin layer to give way to younger looking skin.

Retin A Or Renoval

Creams containing vitamin A acid, tretinoin, have proven to be the best in the treatment of wrinkles. These creams are usually applied once daily to give a younger and smoother skin.


It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. Over the counter drugs as well as surgical and medical treatments available for wrinkles not risk-free. Some may even cause adverse side effects. It is better to promptly act before the problem appears. If you are young and wish to avoid wrinkles than it is pertinent that you drink plenty of water, eat a healthy balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Use a sunblock preferably with SPF-30. Cover other areas of the body with the help of clothing and hats.



Woman eating

So far as cooking and food blogs are concerned there are a number of them on the web. But how many of them can show the path to clean and lean eating? Well, there are many which uphold the idea of healthy living through avoiding junk food and switching over to life-giving whole foods.

9 Best Blogs For Healthy Living

Each of these blogs shares a number of healthy recipes. In some blogs one will get additional tips too, apart from the recipes.

  • Skinny Taste

This blog is by Gina Homolka who happens to be a food expert as well as a photographer. In the blog she presents a number of family-friendly, low-fat, healthy recipes as well as other health tips. Her blog also contains a section called “Skinny Bits” wherein she answers different kinds of cooking questions.

  • Oh She Glows

The person behind Oh She Glows is expert chef Angela Liddon. Her specialization includes vegan cooking and she shows the way to cook the most appropriate dishes that are soy and gluten free. A great feature of her recipes is that they are never devoid of flavor.

  • Sprouted Kitchen

This is a blog by the husband and wife duo of Sarah and Hugh Forte. The focus of the recipes is on whole foods that are suitable for anyone who plans to eat healthy. Apart from discussing the recipes, Hugh also induces life in them through his above par food photography.

  • Mark’s Daily Apple

An advocate of ‘primal living’, former elite endurance athlete Mark Sisson is quite committed to health and fitness. His blog presents a number of brilliant Paleo-style recipes. Not only does this blogger preach well, he is also known for practicing his preaching.

  • Aggie’s Kitchen

Through the blog, Aggie shares a number of healthy recipes focused on fresh, whole food. In her blog, one can also find great travel stories, gardening tips as well as cookbook reviews.

  • Naturally Ella

Naturally Ella, a blog by Erin, is based on the principle of healthy, natural living and delicious eating. Erin cooks food for the whole family and discusses about wonderful seasonal vegetarian recipes.

  • Holy Cow Vegan

This blog is owned by former journalist Vaishali, who likes cooking. For those who are interested in gluten-free, low-fat meals, this blog offers a number of delicious recipes.

  • The Lean Green Bean

In Columbus, Ohio, Lindsay runs a nutrition coaching business. She is a registered dietician and through her blog, readers can get an insight into delicious recipes prepared from the healthiest ingredients.

  • The Stone Soup

This blog aims to promote efficiency and simplicity in the kitchen. The majority of the recipes mentioned in this blog contain five or lesser number of ingredients.

Food Blogs That Have A Special Story To Tell

Angie and Mickey, the owners of the blog Autoimmune Paleo, suffer from a number of autoimmune diseases. In order to improve their health conditions, they have switched over to healthy eating. Based on this unique story, the blog shares their experiences and their recipes with the readers.

Again there is the blog Gutsy by Nature, which is owned by Jamie, who is a chronic sufferer of Crohn’s disease. Jamie’s ailment prompted her to seek refuge in a combination of traditional medical treatment and healthy Paleo eating so that she can efficiently deal with the disease.


Beautiful woman

Skin is the largest organ in our body but we hardly know anything about our skin. We can get surprising facts about our skin from anti-aging expert Dr. Aaron Tabor. You will get to know all the details from ways to prevent wrinkles to benefits of facial massage.

Proven Facts About Skin

Dr. Tabor says skin is an index of your overall health. Hence, it is best to eat a healthy diet, avoid junk foods, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and avoid smoking to stay healthy. It is also necessary to know the ingredients of all the skin care products that you use to avoid harmful chemicals that contain PEGS or Glycols. These 10 facts can keep you more informed about skin to take better care of the largest organ in our body.

Botanical Decode

Botanical is a medicinal plant with therapeutic properties. It contains beta carotene that improves skin quality. Dr. Tabor says we should be careful to choose products that contain botanicals by understanding that it should have acolorr to them. If the product claims it uses botanicals and doesn’t have any color then it is chemical based.

Massage Away The Years

Massage is not just for backs. A facial massage helps facial muscles to release collagen and restore elasticity. You can know a lot of massage techniques as part of facial treatment.

You’re Never Too Young

Your skin is aging by your early 20’s. Hence, it is not advisable to wait till you are 40 years old to use advanced beauty treatments. Dr. Tabor says to start right away. Whether you are 20 years old or 40 years old, the loss of collagen is same for both. By starting early, you can delay the collagen loss.

First Hands, Second Face

Our hands carry billions of bacteria and they get transferred to our face. Hence, you should always use makeup, skincare products or touch the face only after thoroughly washing our hands. The number one reason for breakouts is the bacteria and most of them don’t come through the air but through our own hands.

Open Pores Preferable

Products don’t get absorbed with closed pores. You need to have open pores to get maximum benefit from any product. Dar. Tabor says, the best way to open the pores is to soak a hand towel in hot water and then rest it on your face for few moments. You should apply the night time moisturizer or cream only after this process of opening the pores for better absorption.

Shrinking Face

We lose bone mass even in our face as we age. It is proven by medical studies that our face shrinks with age. Dr. Tabor advice’s taking calcium supplements to delay osteoporosis.

Skincare Products You Are Missing

You are missing some of the most vital vitamins which do a lot of good. The most important skin care product in every woman’s beauty care should be a vitamin. Your skin reflects whether you are nourished or not. Dr. Tabor says, it is best to include antioxidants and omega-3 in your vitamin regimen as you age.

Face Workout

Face have muscles and like any other muscle, it too needs exercise to look better. Doctor says, it is the reason smile is so important.


You have not moisturized enough despite your best efforts. It is best to moisturize more than you think you require. Apply moisturizer when the skin is damp so that product takes in surface moisture into the skin. Drinking lot of water is the best way to keep hydrated.

Not Old Wives Tale

Cucumbers on eyes is not a fairy tale. It is medically proven to be effective. Cold cucumbers on eyes soothe and reduce irritation and swelling. Most of the high priced products have cucumber extracts.

Don’t Wait

Once you know these surprising facts about skin care, you need not wait for any more miracle product to solve your skin problems. You have enough information to keep your skin healthy and shining.