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5 Daily Habits To Prevent Pimples And Treat Permanently

Woman Posing Stressed With Pimples

Pimple is one of the most avoided skin problems by women. Even if there are a lot of steps in treating it, home remedies and medications, it just doesn’t leave that easily. Just by researching on the internet the best medication or remedy for pimple will not solve the problem. Even if the existing pimple will eventually diminish by using one or two of those medications suggested by books and articles, it will just come back after a while. With the millions of these treatments and remedies that promises glossy results, none of them really cure pimples.

While curing pimple in a one-step miracle is impossible and its occurrences can’t be changed, the lifestyle and habit that might contribute or trigger pimples can be change for the better. The most effective way in fighting pimples as well as avoiding them to come back is to develop a healthy and hygienic daily lifestyle and skin care routine. Here are five daily habits that might prevent the skin from developing pimples.

Avoid Sugary, Fatty And Processed Foods

When simple carbohydrate converted into sugar, it produces hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance might be a disaster when it comes to preventing pimples. Instead of eating processed foods and junk foods which contain refined sugar and trans fat, opt for fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The latter foods will have a lot of benefits not only to the skin, but also to the general health of a person.

Consuming Omega-3 Might Help

Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and others are beneficial in preventing acne breakout. Omega-3 reduces the production of leukotriene B4 which causes inflammatory acne. Aside from reducing the risks of inflammatory acne, omega-3 is also rich in antioxidants which protects the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun and fights skin aging.

Exercise Everyday

Exercising provides a lot of benefits to the health. Some even say that exercising adds extra years in the lifespan expectancy. It is true in a way that it promotes positivity and regulates the flow of blood throughout the body. When the blood is circulating properly, different parts of the body including the skin receives the right amount of important nutrients. If the skin gets the right amount of nutrients everyday, the possibility of developing or acquiring pimple is very low that it is near to impossible.

Don’t Be Controlled By Stress, Control It

When the skin detects pressure that is caused by too much stress, it produces a stress hormone called cortisol which triggers the production of testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that aggravates the production of oil in the skin. When there is too much oil, the risk of pimple is high. It is important to have enough sleep ranging from 8 to 10 hours, don’t think of the problems too much and have a quality time by enjoying the things that makes a person happy such as watching movies or reading books.

Drink Eight To Ten Glasses Of Water Everyday

The skin needs to be well-hydrated in order to flush toxins out of the body. A toxin-free body is safe when it comes to the risks of pimple. Aside from that, it also boost the regular circulation of the blood.

The Real Definition Of “Balanced Diet” And Tips For Maintaining It

Woman Deciding What To Eat

For everyone, especially for women, a balanced diet plays an important role not only in health, but also in their lives as well. Women have a different balanced diet compare to men. But what’s exactly a balanced diet mean? Of course, it is about choosing the right food. Opting for fish and poultry products and less red meat, whole grains instead of fatty foods and avoiding processed foods. But it’s not only about the food; it is also about the amount and time. How much of it should be consumed and when to best eat them.

A balance diet may vary depending on the person’s sex, size, age and activities or maybe health condition. Men need more nutrients than women except for salt and fibre. Here are the meal suggestions that will surely result in a desirable outcome.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whatever happens, don’t skip breakfast because it serves as the engine that kicks start the flow of the blood all over the body that is essential in maintaining healthy body. Choose high protein breakfast such as lean ham, salmon, bread or eggs. When a person eats foods that are high in protein, there are more calories burned. Aside from that, foods that are high in protein makes people fuller so the tendency is they’ll be less hungry for the rest of the day. This will limit and prevent eating too much.

Mid-Morning Snack

The best way to maintain a controlled and healthy balanced diet is spreading the consumption of food throughout the whole day. It is better to eat five times a day but with a little amount of food than to eat big time three times a day. Spread peanut butter on oat bread or have a banana during mid-morning snack.


Go for carbs and fibre during lunch. Lunch time is the most demanding meal in terms of energy. Choose starchy carbs to supply enough energy for the day. Lean protein is also important. Also, opt for carbs that will make the blood sugar rise in a steady way. The reason why fibre is included during lunch time is to help digest snacks in the afternoon. Have a rye-bread with chicken or fish such as salmon and eat fruits.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Sometimes, afternoon is the time where sweets cravings occur. Instead of eating chocolate or cakes or other foods with refined sugar, eat plenty of fruits to satisfy sweets cravings. Foods with healthy oils and unsalted nuts might also contribute in keeping a healthy body. Nuts also help in stabilizing the release of sugar to maintain energy for the whole day. Another reason why it is important to have a mid-afternoon snack is to be satisfied before dinner. This is important because it will prevent uncontrolled and excessive hunger during dinner time.


Combine carbs with foods that are rich in healthy oils such as salmon, sardines or mackerel. Carb is important during dinner because it keeps a person relaxed in the evening. Just make sure to take the right amount of it. The body needs healthy oils to regenerate and repair overnight which is vital in health.

6 Vital Tips On Caring For Your Oily Skin

Woman Posing Worried

Do you want to know how to deal with your oily skin? Have you tried every advice to no avail? Follow these time tested guidelines to help you put this problem behind.

Use A Lotion that is Oil Based To Cleanse Your Skin

If your skin is not well hydrated, it compensates by producing more oil. Before using the normal method of cleansing, use oil based cleanser to take out your make up. Enough water is needed by your skin to retain hydration and make it robust. This will give your skin a bright and a healthy-look.

Avoid Evening Face Wash

Most of the times we think that water is harmless. We also assume that to remove excess oil and clogged pores, you need to wash in the morning and evening. This is not right because it can cause an over-reaction in your skin. Just use water only for cleaning your face at sundown. To take out make-up and extra sebum, use a small amount of soap and a mild cleanser. At sunrise, simply use a toner.

Guard Against Oily Products And Moisturizing Masks

It is hard to maintain a balance between naturally hydrated skin and not using products that are too oily. The best option is to use a foundation and a moisturizer that are non-oily. These will leave your skin bright-looking and will unclog your pores. Whiteheads and blackhead formation are caused by clogged pores. This is the reason for the occurrence of whiteheads and black heads in an oily skin.

Exfoliate Each Morning

If your skin has blemishes, exfoliating each morning can make a great difference on it. If you have a sensitive skin, exfoliate once every week. Use a soft glove or a product that is designed for your face. Excessively rough products can cause small cracks in your skin. The best option is to use a synthetic exfoliator with completely round grains. Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells from your skin.

Fasten Your Hair Backwards Before Sleeping And Replace Your Pillow Cover often

Though the products you apply on your hair are amazing, they can be very sensitive to a skin that is acne-prone. If your hair is long, shape it to look like a ponytail before you retire to bed. This will prevent your face from lying on top of your hair. Remember to replace your pillow case more often.

Use A Fresh Towel Every Time You Want to Make Your Face Dry

It doesn’t matter what your family may think of you. Just make sure you use a fresh towel when drying your face.  Ensure that the paper towels or cloth you use are always dirt-free. There are traces of soaps, oils and lotions on the towel you use to wipe your whole body. It is reasonable if you use it over and over to wipe your body. However, if you use it to wipe your face, prepare for trouble. Hopefully, these tips will help you have a flawless, admirable and gleaming skin.

9 Beauty-Full Foods You Might Not Know

Picture Of Healthy Foods

While the genes are to blame for the type of skin people have, there are also factors that may contribute to the healthiness of the skin such as lifestyle, habits, environments, and food. “You are what you eat.” This is a famous line that is indeed proven true. The food consumed by the body reflects to the outer appearance. Food is a vital factor in maintaining a healthy and amazing skin. There are only two types of foods- foods that are good for the body and foods that are not. Of course, every food has their respective role and importance to the human body. But there are specific foods that are practically for the skin. Here is the list of some of them.


Putting chilled slices of cucumber on the eyes to treat dark circles is not something new. The reason is that cucumber contains anti-inflammatory properties that would indeed treat eye bags and dark circles. Aside from that, it has also high content of enzyme-filled water which is good in keeping a well-hydrated skin. A skin that lacks in hydration is not healthy so, cucumber will do the tricks. Not to mention that it has a lot of essential nutrients like magnesium, folic acid, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins B and C.

Pumpkin Seeds

Biotin is not only vital for strong nails and hair, but also for a healthy and strong skin. Pumpkin seeds contain biotin, so consuming a handful of it in any way possible will help in maintaining a healthy skin. Aside from that, pumpkin seeds also contain zinc which is important in avoiding acne because lack of zinc will make the skin more prone to acne.


Generally, all green leafy vegetables are good for anti-aging because they contain antioxdant. Cabbage is rich in fiber and sulphoraphane which generate anti-aging antioxidant activities.


Kale promotes a healthy and glowing skin because it contains vitamins A, C and E which contain anti-aging properties. This green leafy veggie will boost the beauty of the skin.


Blood flow is important to a healthy skin because it ensures that the skin will absorb vital nutrients properly. Seaweed is rich in iron and vitamin B which can promote a good blood flow throughout the body.


Papaya is a famous ingredient of many skin care products. Thus, it is not surprising that eating it will promote a bright and healthy skin. It contains beta-carotene which is responsible for its bright orange color. Beta-carotene converts vitamin A in the body which in turn repairs the skin.


Lemon is rich in vitamin C which is also essential in maintaining a vibrant skin. It also contains enzymes that support skin collagen.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain antioxidants that save the skin from free-radicals. Also, it has high content of fatty acid which is vital in keeping a nourished skin.

Raw Sauerkraut

Probiotics regulate digestion making sure of a better nutrients delivery throughout the body.  Raw Sauerkraut is rich in probiotics so, adding this to the menu will make the skin clear and healthy. It also helps in producing vitamin B which is generally vital in beauty.

Protecting The Skin: Common Skin Issues And Tips On How To Prevent Them

Woman Worried About Acne

One of the most complicated tasks to do is taking care of the skin. This may be crucial because there are a lot of skin problems to avoid. As the skin the most exposed part of the body, it is more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses that cause skin problems. Though there are many ways to cure each skin problems, it is better to prevent them from developing through healthy habits.


A common type of oil called sebum naturally lubricates the skin. When pores are clogged the sebum-producing glands tend to excessively produce sebum which is an environment where bacteria strive. Washing the face at least twice a day with clean water and unscented soap will reduce the possibility of developing acne. Remember not be harsh when washing the face as it might cause irritation. Also, avoid touching the face as it might transfer bacteria to the face causing pimples. Leaning your face on things like tables might also be a way to transfer bacteria to the face. Bacteria are practically anywhere, even on the stuff that people use such as sunglasses, headbands, pillows, caps and other possible spaces where dirt is present. As much as possible, avoid borrowing those things from others, not being picky but just being hygienic. Pimples might also be caused by makeup residue. Make sure to remove makeup properly before going to bed.

If pimples are already there, avoid picking or squeezing them. It will just hurt more, swell more and leave an ugly scar. Bacteria and infection tend to be driven deeper in the skin when the pimple is squeezed. So, no matter how tempting it is, don’t even think of doing it as it will not do any good.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are blisters near the mouth that are caused by herpes virus. Aside from the fact that they are contagious, if a person got a cold sore, she or he will probably be getting one throughout her life. Avoid getting cold sores by not sharing personal items such as toothbrush, lip balm, or drinking someone else drinks who might have cold sores as they are transmitted through mucus and saliva. If cold sores already exist, taking medications might help. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen is an ideal med for painful cold sores. Another way of easing the pain is sucking ice pops or any frozen treats. Acidic and spicy foods cause irritation to cold sores so it is advised to stay away from them. And just like pimples, never pick on cold sores for they might bleed and cause infection plus the virus might spread even more.

Sun Problems

As useful as it might be, the sun causes a lot of skin issues. Many of the skin problems at present rooted from the excessive exposure to the sun or being exposed to dangerous UV rays. It is very fortunate that sunscreen was already invented in this generation. Applying sunscreen might be very time-consuming but it’s all worth it in the long run. Besides, sunscreen products are way cheaper than other cosmetics. What’s 20 minutes of letting it soak on the skin if it will protect the skin from countless skin diseases?