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Valuable Skin Care Tips That Are Little Known To People

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Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it is the organ that braves the rough treatment meted out by the foreign particles. So, one must endeavour to learn about the best skin care tips and treatments that could help them take better care of their skin. Here is a list of some valuable skin care tips that are little known to people.

Don’t Bury The Head In The Pillow While Sleeping

Well, it is a well-researched fact now that the way one sleeps decides how they are going to appear. Strange it may seem but if one sleeps with their head buried inside the pillow then they are exposing the skin to greater chances of wrinkle and acne formation. Pillow is not purely clean as a lot of dust, dirt, and oil gets accumulated on it over a period of time. So, if they are not washed properly then there are greater chances of getting affected with acne formation and wrinkles.

Drink Mineral Water

Well, can one even think about the fact that investing in mineral water can help them get radiant skin? This might sound exaggerating but it is 100% true that the minerals like calcium and magnesium that are present in the mineral water help a lot in balancing the pH levels, which ultimately provides one with glowing skin.

Eat Bananas

Eating bananas has a lot of benefits for the skin as it is a rich source of magnesium and potassium. These minerals take care of the digestive system and keep it healthy, which in turn keeps the skin bright and glowing.

Use Iodine For Breakouts

Another secret skin care tip is that whenever one is affected with the problem of breakouts they should use iodine and treat the spot with it. Enough time should be given for it to dry and have its effect before one applies the other skincare products.

Avoid Excessive Application Of Creams Rich In Vitamin A

Another thing to be taken into consideration is that one must always avoid the excessive application of creams that are rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is necessary for the skin for sure, however, its excessive intake or application is one of the primary causes of dry and flaky skin.

Go For Steaming

Steaming the skin can have amazing benefits for the skin as it is an effective technique to treat the allergies, acne, and dehydration of the skin. This treatment ensures that the skin dons a glowing and bright appearance. So, one must always favour this method in order to open the blocked pores of the skin, and help the skin in regaining its natural glow.

Double Mask The Skin

A lot of experts propose nowadays that one must go for double masking the skin. This proves beneficial for the skin as the treatment gives the skin plump and bright appearance.

Get The Skin Massaged

People prefer massaging the skin in order to get relaxation; however, apart from the soothing effects of massaging, the skin too benefits a lot as massaging results in the transportation of oxygen to the areas in which massaging is done. This enables one get the dewy and plump skin that has gleaming appearance.

Mandatory Skincare Regimen For Women In Their Fifties

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People might have felt alert with the use of the word ‘mandatory’; however, is it really that important to adopt a skincare regimen in one’s 50s? Ask the mirror in order to get the answer. Do you dread seeing it because it tells the truth? Well, quite often women in their 50s are afraid of seeing the sagging skin, prominent wrinkles, definite lines, patches of flaky skin in the mirror. All this reflects the little care they have done to their skin all throughout their life till this juncture. So, it actually becomes ‘mandatory’ to stick to one effective skincare regimen that could help them ward off these problems. Some of the things about skincare that women in their 50s need to keep in mind are included here.

Gentle Cleansing

First and foremost women must understand that their skin is now drier as compared to the yesteryear. So now they have to be more careful while choosing the products. Any harsh products would prove bad for the skin. So, they must go for gentle cleansers that are easily rinsed. This would ensure that the natural oil or lipids of the skin are intact. Most importantly, of the cleansers come along with the property of exfoliation then it is much better since the skin can get rid of the dead cells effectively.

Moisturize More

The drier the skin the more is the need for moisturizing it. This must be understood by women in their 50s. Due to the loss of estrogen their skin is now drier. So, this loss has to be compensated for by supplying the extra dosage of moisturizer. Moreover, the moisturizers with other ingredients including Vitamin E and Vitamin C are also important since they are the natural anti-oxidants, and are better for the skin. Moreover, the presence of humectants, alpha-hydroxy acids and retinoids would improve the tone of the skin and slough off the dead cells as well.

Treatment Serums

Meagre moisturizing is not enough at this stage as the skin has already undergone some damage. So, in order to reach out to the deeper and inner layers of the skin one must opt for treatment serums as they are more effective than moisturizer at times. So, treatment serums must be incorporated in one’s daily skincare regimen. Moreover, the selection of serums should be done strictly on one’s skin type rather than what is in vogue.

Effective Ingredients

Women in their 50s have to make it their habit to go for the best ingredients in the skincare products. This vigilant approach will help them save their skin. Not only will they protect their skin from potential harmful chemicals but also ensure that they are choosing the best skin care products. For instance, one must go for retinoids and apply those products at night in order to improve the elasticity of skin. And then, there are the ingredients like Vitamin C, Kojic acid, licorice extract that are very helpful in treatment of the problem of hyper-pigmentation.

Consistent SPF

Can any skincare regimen omit this important step? Well, no words are enough to highlight the necessity of wearing a sunscreen daily with an SPF of 30 at least in order to prevent the skin from the lethal rays of the sun.

Effective Tips For Combating The Problem Of Acne Among Adults

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The occurrence of acne is a very common problem among the teenagers. That is why, as soon as one passes through these years, they become carefree. However, acne can appear at any age. So, one must be prepared to combat this problem. Moreover, most of the people are seen trying the methods that they used to follow to combat acne when they were teens, however, as one advances in age, certain methods become ineffective. And moreover, adults need to be more careful while dealing with their skin since one wrong method and they could get permanent damage as the natural immunity of the body certain fades as one grows old. So, some of the effective tips that could work well are listed here.

Be Patient And Give Time For Products To Produce Results

Well, this is not a teen age for sure, and thus, one needs to be patient now. The effects of various skincare products may not come straightaway. There have been a lot of changes in the skin and the body now. So, instead of changing products frequently one must stick to one product for a while in order to see the effects of the products.

Pores Must Be Cleaned Regularly

The next step to prevent the occurrence of acne is to ensure that the pores are regularly cleaned. So, one needs to spare some time for exfoliating the skin. This activity should be carried out twice a week. However, if one is short of time, then they could go for natural peels once in a fortnight or so, depending upon the requirements of their skin. Professional peel is not a bad option for people with skin vulnerable to the occurrence of acnes.

Add Moisture Regularly

Well, the skin of adults needs special attention. Gone are the days when one could rely on the natural system of the body to fight various allergies, and other adverse reactions. In this stage, one needs to be extra careful. Acnes are not so uncommon among adults, and quite often it is seen that people with oily skin get this problem. However, they never apply moisture to their skin, thinking that it is not required since their skin is already oily. Now, this is the most common myth that they harbour. They must realize that their skin is oily and still lacks moisture. So, moisture must be provided on regular basis. Moreover, the application of moisture would signal the brain not to produce excessive oils to make up for the insufficient moisture. This will ultimately prevent the occurrence of acnes.

Be Consistent

Another thing that one wants to ensure is to maintain consistency. The desired results may not appear within a fortnight, and sometimes, one needs to carry on with their skincare routine for a long time before the results start to show up. So, one needs to maintain consistency in this condition.

Look For Better Ingredients

Sometimes the skin produces results very late when certain ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are applied. So, one must always strive to look for new ingredients in order to get effective and faster results. Some of the other effective ingredients could be Retinoids and Niacinamide that could prove helpful for the adult’s skin.

Simple And Effective Methods To Ensure Protection Of Skin And Hair

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People have a natural tendency to go for hot water baths in winter, or go for sunbathing in summers. However, these temptations of people can prove fatal for the skin and hair since in the former case one ends up losing moisture from the body, while in the latter case one is at a risk of getting affected due to the harmful radiations of the sun. So, there are simple yet effective methods to protect one’s skin and hair. Some of these methods are listed here.

Increase The Intake Of Water

Water should be taken in ample amounts as it is very beneficial for the body, not only does it detoxify the body but also process the essential nutrients. Moreover, it is instrumental in preventing the early signs of ageing from showing up.

Ensure To Enhance Your Iron Levels

Iron is a necessary ingredient that ensures the overall health of the hair. So, one must go for food products that supply adequate amounts of iron including nuts, wholegrain, spinach, red meat, etc. Moreover, one would also need to take Vitamin C as well along with it in order to ensure that the iron gets absorbed properly.

Go For Plenty Of Seafood

If you like seafood then you have better chances of taking effective care of your skin and hair. The seafood including crab, lobster, and salmon is found to contain astaxanthinis that is a powerful antioxidant, which ensures proper lubrication of the skin. Moreover, it also reduces the dark circles as well as pigmentation and improves the elasticity of the skin as well. Also, regeneration of the skin cells is boosted after consuming the seafood. So, one must always consider increasing the intake of seafood in their diet.

Reduce The Intake Of Sugar

Sugar is the root cause of a lot of diseases including obesity, skin problems, hair problems, etc. So, avoid sugar in your diet.

Go For Colourful And Healthy Vegetables

One must go for colourful vegetables including sweet potatoes, carrots, as they have rich amount of Beta Carotene, which is a potent antioxidant that is instrumental in keeping the free radicals at bay. Moreover, it facilitates the healing of the skin, and helps the skin in sustaining its natural tan. Moreover, green leafy vegetables are also beneficial since they contain Lutein, which improves the elasticity of the skin and protects it from potential harmful effects.

Never Forget To Take Ample Quantity Of Vitamin E And Vitamin C

Skin needs vitamin C and vitamin E in order to function effectively. These vitamins provide essential nutrients that ensure round the clock protection of the skin. So, one should eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods including avocadoes, nuts, citrus fruits, and berries.

Take Vitamin B As Well

Vitamin B is very effective in protecting the hair. Moreover, it also leads to the formation of hair as well. Further, it is also instrumental in balancing the stress hormones of the body. So, one should always take foods rich in Vitamin B, and taking Vitamin B supplements is also not a bad option. However, one needs to consult a physician for that.

Going For Appropriate Skincare As You Reach The 50s

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One of the main concerns for your skin, when you are in your 50s is moisturizing. During this period of your life, your skin undergoes sagging and loss of tone which cannot be totally repaired with the help of serums and creams. If you are looking forward to some more amazing results, apart from what you get through using potential products such as amino acids, alpha hydroxyl acids, retinoids or peptides, the best thing is to visit a dermatologist and take advice regarding laser treatments or other skin rejuvenation therapies.

The ideal skincare routine for a woman in her 50s should include the following steps for the most effective outcome.


The best thing is to make use of a cream cleanser which will lead to skin hydration as well as cleanse the skin.


You must go for a moisturizing cream which has SPF in it. This will safeguard the skin and also keep it hydrated. Ingredients such as retinoids can increase the sensitivity of the skin towards the sun. Hence it is advisable to use a sunscreen on a daily basis.

Applying Serum

During the day, go for application of a serum which is rich in peptide, beneath the SPF that you are applying. This will help to build collagen in the skin. It is also a great idea to look for a serum that is loaded with antioxidants, because it will help you combat free radicals. A serum containing hyaluronic acid helps to keep the moisture locked in.

Applying Retinoid

In the night, prior to applying a moisturizer, make sure to apply a retinol. It is best to apply retinoids during the night, since they tend to lose their power when they are exposed to UV rays of the sun.

Using Petroleum Jelly

A petroleum jelly can be inexpensive and simple to apply, but it is extremely effective in locking in moisture, which is a vital thing for the skin. You can use some petroleum jelly after application of serums.

Apart from following the basic regimen, it would also be good to follow these tips. They will make your routine all the more effective.

  • Whether the sun is shining or it is raining, you must be very sincere in applying your sunscreen on a daily basis. Remember that the harmful UV rays have the potential to penetrate through the clouds.
  • Be it moisturizers or cleansers; always make sure to use the appropriate kind of product as per your skin type.
  • If your skin is dry, avoid hot water totally. Also make sure to apply creamy cleansers and thick moisturizers.
  • The layer of dead skin becomes thicker as one grows older, so the best thing is to exfoliate the skin regularly. This will render a fresher look to the skin.

The 50s is a time when you have crossed some significant phases of your life and are approaching a more vulnerable phase. Your skin also ages along with you so a proper skincare regimen can indeed boost the vitality of your skin and make it look younger.