4 Ways To Fight Acne Outbreak During Summer

Woman Terrified With Acne Problem

The sun may be beneficial in many ways but it is not that friendly to the skin. A little exposure to the sun will not hurt but too much of it may cause different skin problems. People get excited during that time of the year because they can show off their summer outfit and flawless skin. Also, there are a lot of outdoor activities that can be done during summer. But before getting too excited with the favourite season, consider protecting the skin first. Don’t even think of enjoying the summer without preparing for skin protection.

Acne is one of the most hated skin issues, especially by women. It is an inflammation due to excessive production of oil in the skin. During summer, the heat of the sun dries up the natural oil on the skin. When that happens, the skin’s oil-producing glands tend to compensate for the loss oil and produce more oil. The ending? Excessive oil production that causes acne outbreak. Perspiration also causes acne outbreak. To avoid this outbreak and protect the skin, here are four tips.

Follow A Regular Skin Care Routine

During summer, most people are overwhelmed by the fun days under the sun forgetting to follow their supposed to be regular skin care routine. Before having fun or even while having fun, stick to that regular skin care routine; cleanse, moisturize, tone and exfoliate once in a week. Always keep in mind that it will pay off in the end.

Another thing, make sure that the products used are all oil-free, from skin care products to cosmetics. Even if it is just during summer, change every product to oil-free or water-based products. Find the noncomedogenic on the label because these products don’t block pores.

Always Apply Sunscreen

This is the most important thing. Don’t even step out of the house or don’t even think of going anywhere without applying sunscreen. Sunscreen protects the skin from the dangerous UV rays of the sun; choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or at least SPF 15.

Control Oily Skin Properly

When there is too much oil in the skin, the pores are clogged causing them to inflame. Acne is caused by oily skin, so it’s just logical to control or manage oily skin to prevent acne outbreak. Using cleanser every morning and before bedtime prevents the skin to become oily. When the skin is oily, it is tempting to wash the face every now and the. No matter how tempting it may be, don’t make it a habit to wash frequently because the natural oil and moisture of the skin will be washed away too causing an oilier skin.

Perspiration Causes Acne

It is during summer where the skin perspires more. Sweat can clog the pores that will result to acne. After an activity or after perspiration, take a shower to wash off the sweat. Salicylic acid prevents acne and blackheads, so it is better to wash the skin with it. Always bring a cotton towel and gently wipe sweat if a shower is not possible.

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