6 Vital Tips On Caring For Your Oily Skin

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Do you want to know how to deal with your oily skin? Have you tried every advice to no avail? Follow these time tested guidelines to help you put this problem behind.

Use A Lotion that is Oil Based To Cleanse Your Skin

If your skin is not well hydrated, it compensates by producing more oil. Before using the normal method of cleansing, use oil based cleanser to take out your make up. Enough water is needed by your skin to retain hydration and make it robust. This will give your skin a bright and a healthy-look.

Avoid Evening Face Wash

Most of the times we think that water is harmless. We also assume that to remove excess oil and clogged pores, you need to wash in the morning and evening. This is not right because it can cause an over-reaction in your skin. Just use water only for cleaning your face at sundown. To take out make-up and extra sebum, use a small amount of soap and a mild cleanser. At sunrise, simply use a toner.

Guard Against Oily Products And Moisturizing Masks

It is hard to maintain a balance between naturally hydrated skin and not using products that are too oily. The best option is to use a foundation and a moisturizer that are non-oily. These will leave your skin bright-looking and will unclog your pores. Whiteheads and blackhead formation are caused by clogged pores. This is the reason for the occurrence of whiteheads and black heads in an oily skin.

Exfoliate Each Morning

If your skin has blemishes, exfoliating each morning can make a great difference on it. If you have a sensitive skin, exfoliate once every week. Use a soft glove or a product that is designed for your face. Excessively rough products can cause small cracks in your skin. The best option is to use a synthetic exfoliator with completely round grains. Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells from your skin.

Fasten Your Hair Backwards Before Sleeping And Replace Your Pillow Cover often

Though the products you apply on your hair are amazing, they can be very sensitive to a skin that is acne-prone. If your hair is long, shape it to look like a ponytail before you retire to bed. This will prevent your face from lying on top of your hair. Remember to replace your pillow case more often.

Use A Fresh Towel Every Time You Want to Make Your Face Dry

It doesn’t matter what your family may think of you. Just make sure you use a fresh towel when drying your face.  Ensure that the paper towels or cloth you use are always dirt-free. There are traces of soaps, oils and lotions on the towel you use to wipe your whole body. It is reasonable if you use it over and over to wipe your body. However, if you use it to wipe your face, prepare for trouble. Hopefully, these tips will help you have a flawless, admirable and gleaming skin.

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