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Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Vera)

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extracts

Most Vine Vera skin care products contain aloe vera. If you haven’t read much about what it is, you might be confused about its presence in our line of products.

So, why do we use aloe vera?

One of the most popular uses of aloe vera or aloe barbadensis leaf extract is that it helps soothe sunburn pain. However, this is not the only problem it solves as aloe vera boasts of over 75 different nutrients and can help treat different health conditions be it a simple upset stomach or a complex impaired immune system.

Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Barbadensis

It is the various nutrients in this leaf extract that offer superb benefits to our skin. You can make use of aloe vera in different ways from drinking its juice regularly in the morning to using it as a skin care product. Many skin care products contain aloe vera as an essential ingredient. You can even apply the leaf’s gel on the skin which can be attained from the plant directly. Aloe vera and its extracts can be used on all types of skin.

Some unique properties of aloe barbadensis leaf extract that are beneficial to the skin are discussed below in details.

  • Acne anti-inflammatory – Aloe vera contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the inflammation and redness associated with acne while also reducing chances of scarring. It nourishes the skin from within and helps protects it against acne too.
  • Anti-aging treatment – Beta carotene, vitamin C and E are some of the antioxidants present in aloe vera which promote healthy skin. The Vitamins C and E help to increase collagen production, reduce sun damage, improve the overall elasticity of the skin and also fight off free radicals. By doing so, it helps to give you younger-looking skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Heals the skin – Axim and gibberellins are two hormones present in aloe vera, which enhance the healing process in your skin by building healthy skin cells. They not only help treat sun damage but also heal small cuts due to shaving and reduce stretch marks due to pregnancy.
  • Natural Moisturizer – Some natural enzymes in aloe vera make it a great moisturizer and help restore the skin’s natural pH balance. Its high water content replenishes lost moisture and can be used by people with oily skin due to its lightweight nature.
  • Reduces dark spots – Aloe vera helps lighten ugly and prominent dark spots by enhancing the skin cells renewal and regeneration processes. It promotes production of new cells by replacing old damaged ones and addresses some skin issues such as hyperpigmentation too.
  • Treats allergies – Due to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera helps treat allergies of all kinds without causing any irritation. Be it a bug bite, eczema, itchy skin or psoriasis, aloe vera can help alleviate it all when applied topically to the problem area.


Choosing the right Vine Vera product with aloe vera

 Aloe Barbadensis

Did you know that most Vine Vera’s products contain aloe vera? However, if you’re looking for one that fits your bill, the products in the Vine Vera collections that contain this leaf extract as a major ingredient are mentioned below.

  • Chianti Morning Recovery
  • Malbec Defying Serum
  • Men’s Sauna Mask
  • Pinot Noir Mask
  • Sauvignon Blanch Chin Tightening
  • Shiraz Instentic Facelift
  • Shiraz Instentic Mask
  • High Potency Night Serum
  • Zinfandel Radiance Cream
  • Vitamin C Cleanser

The Vine Vera range of products makes use of only natural and safe ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and give desired results each time. However, due to their complex scientific names, one is unable to understand what these ingredients have to offer and how they can help you  to achieve youthful and beautiful looking skin. They are extremely useful and common ingredients are infused in Vine Vera skin care products.

Let us take a look at some of the top Vine Vera ingredients:
• Hyaluronic Acid – Being a natural acid, hyaluronic acid is found in eyes, young skin and joints. When it diminishes with age, the skin is no longer able to hold elasticity and moisture. Hyaluronic acid is used in moisturizers to help heal burns and wounds and also reverse the signs of aging. Many skin care products also contain Sodium Hyaluronate, which is the salt form of hyaluronic acid and is extremely beneficial as well.
• Collagen – Collagen is a commonly used ingredient in the world of cosmetic procedures. Collagen naturally occurs in the body as it is a kind of protein that is found in the connective tissues of mammals. It makes the skin firm, elastic and helps in skin cell renewal. Collagen production slows down inevitably as a person ages thus revealing the signs of aging mainly on the face. Loss of collagen can result in sagging skin and wrinkles.
• Palmitoyl Oligopeptide – Natural building blocks such as peptides act between amino acids and help rebuild skin cells. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide is one such synthetic peptide. It is linked to a fatty acid named palmitic acid and is built of 5 amino acids. It allows ingredients to be absorbed through the skin more easily. This ingredient helps the skin to absorb collagen and hyaluronic acid so that the skin looks young and remains plump for as long as possible.

• DMAE – DMAE is the abbreviation for Dimethylaminoethanol and is produced naturally in the brain. It is commonly found in various kinds of seafood and helps promote brain function. Having significant anti-inflammatory properties, DMAE also helps to reduce sagging skin and retain firmness.
• Acetyl-Hexapeptide-8 – It is also known as AH-3. Being a peptide, it works to relax deep facial wrinkles and help prevent the development of further wrinkles. AH-3 can help reduce aging signs when applied to the problematic areas of the face and is considered to be skin care product’s answer to cosmetic procedures such as Botox.

Who doesn’t want natural and beautiful looking skin? You need to select skin products wisely.

Your skin care product needs to have the right combination of natural ingredients to nourish your skin deeply. If you are looking for something natural that can give you long lasting results, then the use of the Vine Vera product range is simply an ideal skin care solution. It is not necessary that all types of natural ingredients work for you. The combination must be correct, and the products should be well tested as well.

The product ingredients work efficiently to give you beautifully glowing skin:

The Vine Vera products are made after the completion of detailed tests of the ingredients, and that the combination is flawless for a good skin. The ingredients used in the products are a cut above the rest. The most important ingredient in the products is Resveratrol, which is an anti-aging ingredient and improves the skin color and texture as well. The antioxidants and minerals with other ingredients will also make your skin look flawless and beautiful.
Aloe Vera is a key ingredient in Vine Vera. It keeps the skin completely nourished and helps maintains the balance of oil and dryness in the skin. To heal the skin, the use of shea butter is also made which will moisturize the skin and may prevent many skin problems. There are products that are specifically designed for the eye area. The skin near the eye is the most sensitive and should be treated well. The products are made in the best way to prevent irritation or discomfort around the eyes.

You can keep the skin near the eyes well nourished. The products will help the skin to look smoother and better because the diverse ingredients are well tested. These ingredients are natural, and the combination is decided after some long research.

Today, there are millions of customers satisfied with the range of these luxurious skin care products. There are products for daily cleansing, lotions, and daily moisturizers with rich ingredients that will give you gorgeous skin. You will see an amazing difference in your skin and feel more satisfied after using the products. Choose your products according to your skin requirements and enjoy a beautiful and radiant look that you have always wanted.

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  1. Avatar james says:

    i am 67 good looking i am told and have tried to look after myself can you indicate for me what products you have for men that would benefit i know your products are costly because of what they contain i am not being cheeky when i make this comment so anything you can help me with i would be grateful JAMES

    • vinevera vinevera says:

      Hi James,

      Vine Vera has a Men’s Collection which you can take a look at. If you would like product recommendations specifically tailored to your skin type/issue please visit a Vine Vera location or contact our customer service line at 877-554-1777 and one of our representatives will be happy to give you personalized product recommendations.

      Thank you,

      Vine Vera Ingredients

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