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So far as cooking and food blogs are concerned there are a number of them on the web. But how many of them can show the path to clean and lean eating? Well, there are many which uphold the idea of healthy living through avoiding junk food and switching over to life-giving whole foods.

9 Best Blogs For Healthy Living

Each of these blogs shares a number of healthy recipes. In some blogs one will get additional tips too, apart from the recipes.

  • Skinny Taste

This blog is by Gina Homolka who happens to be a food expert as well as a photographer. In the blog she presents a number of family-friendly, low-fat, healthy recipes as well as other health tips. Her blog also contains a section called “Skinny Bits” wherein she answers different kinds of cooking questions.

  • Oh She Glows

The person behind Oh She Glows is expert chef Angela Liddon. Her specialization includes vegan cooking and she shows the way to cook the most appropriate dishes that are soy and gluten free. A great feature of her recipes is that they are never devoid of flavor.

  • Sprouted Kitchen

This is a blog by the husband and wife duo of Sarah and Hugh Forte. The focus of the recipes is on whole foods that are suitable for anyone who plans to eat healthy. Apart from discussing the recipes, Hugh also induces life in them through his above par food photography.

  • Mark’s Daily Apple

An advocate of ‘primal living’, former elite endurance athlete Mark Sisson is quite committed to health and fitness. His blog presents a number of brilliant Paleo-style recipes. Not only does this blogger preach well, he is also known for practicing his preaching.

  • Aggie’s Kitchen

Through the blog, Aggie shares a number of healthy recipes focused on fresh, whole food. In her blog, one can also find great travel stories, gardening tips as well as cookbook reviews.

  • Naturally Ella

Naturally Ella, a blog by Erin, is based on the principle of healthy, natural living and delicious eating. Erin cooks food for the whole family and discusses about wonderful seasonal vegetarian recipes.

  • Holy Cow Vegan

This blog is owned by former journalist Vaishali, who likes cooking. For those who are interested in gluten-free, low-fat meals, this blog offers a number of delicious recipes.

  • The Lean Green Bean

In Columbus, Ohio, Lindsay runs a nutrition coaching business. She is a registered dietician and through her blog, readers can get an insight into delicious recipes prepared from the healthiest ingredients.

  • The Stone Soup

This blog aims to promote efficiency and simplicity in the kitchen. The majority of the recipes mentioned in this blog contain five or lesser number of ingredients.

Food Blogs That Have A Special Story To Tell

Angie and Mickey, the owners of the blog Autoimmune Paleo, suffer from a number of autoimmune diseases. In order to improve their health conditions, they have switched over to healthy eating. Based on this unique story, the blog shares their experiences and their recipes with the readers.

Again there is the blog Gutsy by Nature, which is owned by Jamie, who is a chronic sufferer of Crohn’s disease. Jamie’s ailment prompted her to seek refuge in a combination of traditional medical treatment and healthy Paleo eating so that she can efficiently deal with the disease.


Kiernan Shipka

Helga Esteb /

Do you know who stole the show at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards? No, it was not Nicole Kidman, Sofia Vergara, or Naomi Watts (they look awesome though!) It was the 16-year-old Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka. She stole our hearts with her sense of style at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and this has made her our new beauty icon.

Shipka’s style was something that we all want on a regular basis.  It’s smart and stylish – a perfect blend of excellent taste, sophistication, and youthful vivacity. Now let’s take a closer look at her style:

Starting with her hair. The best part is that she kept it absolutely effortless yet stylish enough to turns heads at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards night. The easy flowing waves and the middle part did the magic and add a lot of sophistication to her style.

Hair color next! If you are among those who wish to have that perfect blonde highlights that are simply blonde and not so on-your-eye type then Kiernan Shipka’s style is just what you may follow to get that perfect look.

When it comes to makeup, Shipka just bowled us over with her no-nonsense makeup look. It kept us guessing – is it there or is it not? To sum up, it was actually a glamorous version of the minimal makeup look. The bronze shadow and pink lipstick did just the trick to accentuate her looks. And, what gets the highest score – the thick and bushy eyebrows that just go to show how less can actually be outstanding!


Mad Men fans have watch Kiernan Shipka grow and evolve from a little girl to a rebellious, precocious and stylish teen Sally Draper. Now that the series has come to an end, we now have Shipka as one of Hollywood’s young budding talents and beauty icons.

The young star put herself on the style map and caught attention of the style critics when she wore the Delpozo dress at the 2013 Emmy Awards. Last year, she stole our hearts and looked so cute at the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet in a beautifully embroidered Oscar de la Renta dress.

She did it again this year and this time she has really managed to break her little girl image and become our beauty icon with her great sense of style. And then there’s her ever glowing skin and thick brows that add definition to her looks.

The Mad Men series may have come to an end and it’s time to bid adieu to Sally Draper, but this American actress has a long way to go and we hope to see her shining as Hollywood’s next superstar.

We expect to see a lot from Kiernan Shipka both on red carpet and on screen, but for now let’s congratulate her on becoming our beauty icon, and wish her all the best for future.