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Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract

Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract – Benefits of it as an essential skin care ingredient

Being derived from the chamomile plant’s flower heads, chamomilla recutita flower extracts have some amazing benefits associated with them. The most common chamomile plant is the German chamomile or matricaria recutita, which is extensively used in skin care products and formulas. Its calming properties go a long way back in time and make it an excellent natural skin soothing ingredient.

Chamomile plant

When we talk about Roman, Greek and Ancient Egyptian empires, we understand that chamomile was one of the most popular medicinal herbs used in those eras. The chamomile plant also gained immense popularity in the Middle Ages as it was also used as a natural remedy for various skin problems during these times. Chamomile also found its use in treating congestion and dysmenorrhea and was as powerful as the Chinese wonder tonic ginseng.

What makes this flower extract special?

The presence of beneficial components such as bisabolol, azulene and phytosterols makes this flower extract a great skin healer and anti-inflammatory. It is used as a soothing and moisturizing ingredient in the skin care industry as it is rich in vitamin B complex and nourishes the skin from within.

Chamomilla recutita flower extracts offer some anti-allergic properties by working to prevent the release of histamine from the skin’s mast cells. Being a good antioxidant, chamomile helps protect the skin from early aging signs and helps maintain your youthful look with regular application.

wreath of  chamomiles

Advantages of using chamomilla recutita flower extracts

Before using products which contain this flower extract, it is recommended to check for allergies of any kind that might affect your skin in an adverse manner. The major benefits of chamomilla recutita flower extracts are described below for a better understanding:

  • Soothes the skin – Chamomile helps soothe your skin like no other natural ingredient does while also calming down sunburns and inflammations. Adding this flower extract to your bath products can help relieve pain and muscle fatigue. Components like bisabolol and chamazulene make it a great anti-inflammatory.
  • Soothes skin wounds – These flower extracts not only soothe the skin in general but also soothe skin wounds from within. It has even been said to be more effective than zinc oxide in healing and relieving most skin wounds faster. The wound area no longer feels itchy, dry or irritating upon topical application of this flower extract.
  • Reduces eczema effects – Applying chamomilla recutita flower extracts have another amazing advantage helping combat eczema. In one study, creams that contained chamomile were compared to hydrocortisone creams in treating a skin lesion. The results showed that patients using chamomile cream had a quicker recovery than those using the hydrocortisone cream. Hydrocortisone creams are commonly prescribed to treat eczema. The greatest advantage of using a chamomile based cream is avoiding the harmful side effects that may result from the prolonged use of hydrocortisone.

Which Vine Vera product do you need to choose?

Looking for a Vine Vera product that has chamomilla recutita flower extracts plus a whole lot more? Here’s a list of products which contain this flower extract as a key ingredient:

  • Vitamin C Cleanser
  • Pinot Noir Phyto Silk
  • Malbec Redefying Cream

Whether it is the cleanser or the redefying cream, you can do a whole lot more when you have the chamomilla recutita flower extract as an amazing constituent.

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