Dry lips

Dry and chapped lips are always a pain to deal with especially during the cold of winter when the air is dry and chilly. But, with the following simple tips, you can prevent your lips from drying and getting chapped, keeping them smooth and moist.



You can use the following tips to help you cure your chapped lips and prevent it from happening again.

TAKE WATER – Staying hydrated is the most efficient way to preventing your skin from dryness. Dry lips are often a tale-tell sign of dehydration, which can make your lips crack and making them sore. Taking the recommended eight glass of water daily to help keep your lips and skin hydrated.

AVOID LICKING YOUR LIPS – Licking your lips would seem the simplest way to moisten your lips when they are chapped, but it only worsens the problem. Picking and biting the lips is also a habit that will exasperate the problem. The best remedy is to apply a lip balm or a moisturizer as a protective coat to keep the lips moist and shield it from the effects of the cold, dry air. Apply any of the two 20 – 30 minutes before you step outside the house.

USE THE RIGHT LIP BALM – SPF is an important property in lip balms that helps protect your lips from UV rays. In as much as a balm with SPF is the best, additional ingredients to take note of include macadamia oil, shea butter, and almond oil as they aid with the moisturizing of the lips. A lip wax is ideal if you are going to spend several hours outside in the cold. If you have sensitive skin, then avoid lip balms that have fragrances.



While it is important to use the right lip balm that works for you, you still need to play your part to help minimize the chances of dryness on your lip. Other than staying hydrated, here are a few other tips you can use.

EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPS – The lips are often put out of the equation when exfoliating the skin. It is important to remember the lips more so if you have flakey lips. You can use a simple exfoliation scrub for your lips using a mix of honey and brown sugar. Rub the mixture on your lips, let is sit for a minute, and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. After than apply some moisturizing lip balm.

USE A HUMIDIFIER – Running the AC to warm up the house during the cold season causes the air around to dry making it harder for your skin to stay moist. A humidifier is a great way to restore the moisture in the air. Strive to keep the humidity levels at around 30% – 50%.

AVOID CERTAIN FOODS – Avoid foods that tend to increase the rate of dryness. Avoid acidic foods such as citrus fruits, grapefruits, and oranges as well as spicy and salty food.



If your chapped lips are cracked and sore, you can use some Aloe Vera gel to cure and soothe the lips. The gel has properties that help to repair the damage and rejuvenate the lips. Apply the gel for a few days. A cucumber slice on the lips can help to activate the hydration process. Just place the slice on your lips for around ten minutes.

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