Effective Skin Care Routine For The Combination Skin

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Combination skin is a problem that is mainly witnessed among men. It is the problem in which the area like chin and the forehead, generally called the T-area, is oily, while the rest of the area is dry and flaky. So, this irritates the people with the combination skin since they cannot figure out the best treatment for their skin. More often, they are found to get scared from using any sort of skin care products, and lose all hope. However, following is the effective skin care routine that could help one take best care of their combination skin.

Never Refrain From Using Facial Moisturizers For Men

As men are mostly found to possess the combination skin, so, the facial moisturizers for men are generally found to be safe for use, even if the person has a patch of dry skin on their cheek. This is because moisturizing the skin is a mandatory requirement of the skin. And, most importantly, it is significant to understand that even an oily skin wants to be hydrated since moisture and oil are two different things. However, in this case, one could apply less moisturizer in the oily area.

Always Use Anti-Aging Cream Meant For Men

Well, regardless of the skin type, one must always go for anti-aging cream, as this cream is a must to prevent the signs of aging. Also, the cream with retinol is found to be more effective for the people with combination skin.


Exfoliating the skin is an indispensable process for people with combination skin. This is obligatory as only after the removal of the dead cells could one ensure that whatever cream, moisturizer, etc. they apply could actually prove to be effective. The dead cells prevent the creams, etc. from coming in contact with the skin cells, which proves fatal for the people with combination skin, since they are already grappling with the problem of finding a precise product for their needs. So, in order to ensure that the products have the desired effects on the skin, people with the combination skin must exfoliate their skin regularly.

However, if this activity is done in excess, say 3-4 times in a week, then it could prove counter-productive, because it could not only cause irritation to the skin but leads to the excessive oil production by the glands. Also, people with the combination skin need to maintain a distance from the strong scrubs as their skin is prone to allergies.

Pick Up A Face Wash For Men

People with combination skin have to take care that they always avoid the use of the bar soaps as they are not beneficial for the skin. So, they must always pick up a face wash that is meant for men. This is because this face wash is milder.

Avoid Strong Chemicals And Fragrances

People with the combination skin are prone to adverse reactions when the skin comes in contact with the strong chemicals and fragrances. This is because the skin is overly sensitive and is of multiple types. So, one must always avoid the use of strong chemical and fragrances, and always choose the milder or natural products.

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