Getting Prepared for Dry Winters

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Winters can really give people a harsh and challenging time since there are abrupt and sizeable changes in the environment around them. People can feel the drying of the skin of their body, face, palms, etc. which can really make them irritable. Most of the people dread the winters because they are at a loss to understand the wrath of nature. However, basic preliminary steps could be taken by the people in order to ensure that they are completely prepared for the onset of the winters. This basic preparation is going to ensure that they embrace the winters with open arms and revel in the beauty of nature

Protecting The Face

One can put loads of clothes on them but they can’t cover their face. So, the most important step is to protect the face first of all. One must always use moisturizers in order to ensure that the skin of the face retains a considerable amount of water or moisture. So, one could exercise various options in this regards and pick up the befitting moisturizer according to their skin. Usually, the moisturizers with natural ingredients, like royal jelly, honey, etc. are very effective.  Hyaluronic acid is a very good ingredient for retaining the moisture in the skin of the face.

Protecting The Body

Even if the body get covered by clothes, still, it is pivotal to protect the body from dryness since dryness can lead to itchiness which can be really irritating thus. So, in order to ensure that the body remains dry, one must go for hydrating creams for the body. Also, plant-based oils like sesame oil, almond oil, avocado oil, borage oil, etc. are found to be more effective in maintaining the hydration of the skin for a longer time. This is because of the smaller and lighter molecules of these oils which facilitates the easy sinking into the skin. However, mineral oils are not as effective because the skin isn’t able to absorb these oils completely.

Protecting The Hands

For the protection of the hands, one must ensure that one always uses the lukewarm water to wash the hands. Then, the bar soap that one uses should also be oil-based since that is more effective. Further, it is best for the hand wash to be sulphate free since sulphates remove the top layer called the lipid layer of the skin of the hands and thus cause more irritation.

Protecting The Body From Inside

While ensuring that one maintains the smoothness of the skin from the outside, it is also significant to ensure that the body remains protected from the inside as well. For this, one must drink a lot of water in order to remain hydrated. This also keeps the toxins at bay and the digestive system of the body functions perfectly. Also, the inclusion of citrus fruits, along with fibre rich fruits, further consolidates the digestive system of the body, along with imparting desired glow to the skin.

Protecting The Mind

One can grow really anxious in winters since a lot of changes happen to the body. So, it is also necessary to ensure that one’s mind remains calm and focused. For this, orange and other citrus fruits are found to be effective in improving the mood of the people by reducing the anxiety.

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