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Highly Proven Techniques To Deal With Curly Hair Perfectly

Woman With Curly Hair

Curly hair comes as a bane and a boon for people. This is because curly hair imparts a unique and attractive look to the people as they decidedly look different from the other people. However, people with curly hair confront with a number of problems like unmanageable locks, constant frizziness, uncountable locks to manage, and sticking out of hair in each possible direction. All this makes them appear as unkempt sometimes. Moreover, they cannot experiment with different trendy and fashionable hair styles and they feel fed up. So much so, that they want to completely get rid of their curly hair by getting them straightened with the help of chemical straightening products or heat straightening. However, there is, indeed, no need to go to this extreme as there are some highly effective techniques to deal with curly hair in spotless manner.

Using Wide-Toothed Comb

Well, people with curly hair need to go with wide-toothed comb always since they don’t want to complicate the process of detangling the hair. So, using wide-toothed comb is always advised by experts to prevent the hair from breakage.

Comb From Bottom To Top

This is simple yet highly effective technique to manage the curly hair effectively. One needs to start with the tips first and then move towards brushing upwards. This is because tips are the places where one finds maximum knots.

Ensure Absorption Of Conditioner

The major problem of people with curly hair is that they are unable to provide necessary dosage of conditioner to their hair. This is because the absorption of hair is not an easy process. So, to ensure that their absorb maximum conditioner they must allow the hot water to keep running over their hair covered with shower cap after the conditioner has been applied. The main thing here is that the conditioner that is trapped inside the shower cap is going to be absorbed by the hair because of the steam emanating from the hot water.

Combing At The Right Moment

Well, the timing of combing the hair is crucial for people with curly hair. The best time to comb the hair is after the application of conditioner. This is because when one combs the hair while conditioner is still put on chances are that the frizziness is going to reduce considerably.

Leave Some Conditioner On The Scalp

It is an undeniable fact that curly hair requires more moisture than normal hair; so, leaving some conditioner on the scalp is a good idea after one has washed off major chunk of the conditioner. This is because the residual conditioner will do its bit in providing the curly hair with much needed extra dosage of moisture.

Mixing Daily Moisturizer Along With Residual Conditioner

One more effective method of eliminating frizziness altogether is to mix moisturizer with residual conditioner, as this is proven to bring some amazing results.

Apply Deep Conditioner Prior To Exercising

One more tip to manage curly hair is to apply deep conditioner on the hair prior to exercising. This is because the heat and the sweat facilitate in absorption of conditioner effectively, which ultimately makes the process of managing the curly easier.

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