Mandatory Skincare Regimen For Women In Their Fifties

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People might have felt alert with the use of the word ‘mandatory’; however, is it really that important to adopt a skincare regimen in one’s 50s? Ask the mirror in order to get the answer. Do you dread seeing it because it tells the truth? Well, quite often women in their 50s are afraid of seeing the sagging skin, prominent wrinkles, definite lines, patches of flaky skin in the mirror. All this reflects the little care they have done to their skin all throughout their life till this juncture. So, it actually becomes ‘mandatory’ to stick to one effective skincare regimen that could help them ward off these problems. Some of the things about skincare that women in their 50s need to keep in mind are included here.

Gentle Cleansing

First and foremost women must understand that their skin is now drier as compared to the yesteryear. So now they have to be more careful while choosing the products. Any harsh products would prove bad for the skin. So, they must go for gentle cleansers that are easily rinsed. This would ensure that the natural oil or lipids of the skin are intact. Most importantly, of the cleansers come along with the property of exfoliation then it is much better since the skin can get rid of the dead cells effectively.

Moisturize More

The drier the skin the more is the need for moisturizing it. This must be understood by women in their 50s. Due to the loss of estrogen their skin is now drier. So, this loss has to be compensated for by supplying the extra dosage of moisturizer. Moreover, the moisturizers with other ingredients including Vitamin E and Vitamin C are also important since they are the natural anti-oxidants, and are better for the skin. Moreover, the presence of humectants, alpha-hydroxy acids and retinoids would improve the tone of the skin and slough off the dead cells as well.

Treatment Serums

Meagre moisturizing is not enough at this stage as the skin has already undergone some damage. So, in order to reach out to the deeper and inner layers of the skin one must opt for treatment serums as they are more effective than moisturizer at times. So, treatment serums must be incorporated in one’s daily skincare regimen. Moreover, the selection of serums should be done strictly on one’s skin type rather than what is in vogue.

Effective Ingredients

Women in their 50s have to make it their habit to go for the best ingredients in the skincare products. This vigilant approach will help them save their skin. Not only will they protect their skin from potential harmful chemicals but also ensure that they are choosing the best skin care products. For instance, one must go for retinoids and apply those products at night in order to improve the elasticity of skin. And then, there are the ingredients like Vitamin C, Kojic acid, licorice extract that are very helpful in treatment of the problem of hyper-pigmentation.

Consistent SPF

Can any skincare regimen omit this important step? Well, no words are enough to highlight the necessity of wearing a sunscreen daily with an SPF of 30 at least in order to prevent the skin from the lethal rays of the sun.

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