Protecting The Skin: Common Skin Issues And Tips On How To Prevent Them

Woman Worried About Acne

One of the most complicated tasks to do is taking care of the skin. This may be crucial because there are a lot of skin problems to avoid. As the skin the most exposed part of the body, it is more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses that cause skin problems. Though there are many ways to cure each skin problems, it is better to prevent them from developing through healthy habits.


A common type of oil called sebum naturally lubricates the skin. When pores are clogged the sebum-producing glands tend to excessively produce sebum which is an environment where bacteria strive. Washing the face at least twice a day with clean water and unscented soap will reduce the possibility of developing acne. Remember not be harsh when washing the face as it might cause irritation. Also, avoid touching the face as it might transfer bacteria to the face causing pimples. Leaning your face on things like tables might also be a way to transfer bacteria to the face. Bacteria are practically anywhere, even on the stuff that people use such as sunglasses, headbands, pillows, caps and other possible spaces where dirt is present. As much as possible, avoid borrowing those things from others, not being picky but just being hygienic. Pimples might also be caused by makeup residue. Make sure to remove makeup properly before going to bed.

If pimples are already there, avoid picking or squeezing them. It will just hurt more, swell more and leave an ugly scar. Bacteria and infection tend to be driven deeper in the skin when the pimple is squeezed. So, no matter how tempting it is, don’t even think of doing it as it will not do any good.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are blisters near the mouth that are caused by herpes virus. Aside from the fact that they are contagious, if a person got a cold sore, she or he will probably be getting one throughout her life. Avoid getting cold sores by not sharing personal items such as toothbrush, lip balm, or drinking someone else drinks who might have cold sores as they are transmitted through mucus and saliva. If cold sores already exist, taking medications might help. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen is an ideal med for painful cold sores. Another way of easing the pain is sucking ice pops or any frozen treats. Acidic and spicy foods cause irritation to cold sores so it is advised to stay away from them. And just like pimples, never pick on cold sores for they might bleed and cause infection plus the virus might spread even more.

Sun Problems

As useful as it might be, the sun causes a lot of skin issues. Many of the skin problems at present rooted from the excessive exposure to the sun or being exposed to dangerous UV rays. It is very fortunate that sunscreen was already invented in this generation. Applying sunscreen might be very time-consuming but it’s all worth it in the long run. Besides, sunscreen products are way cheaper than other cosmetics. What’s 20 minutes of letting it soak on the skin if it will protect the skin from countless skin diseases?

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