Simple And Effective Methods To Ensure Protection Of Skin And Hair

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People have a natural tendency to go for hot water baths in winter, or go for sunbathing in summers. However, these temptations of people can prove fatal for the skin and hair since in the former case one ends up losing moisture from the body, while in the latter case one is at a risk of getting affected due to the harmful radiations of the sun. So, there are simple yet effective methods to protect one’s skin and hair. Some of these methods are listed here.

Increase The Intake Of Water

Water should be taken in ample amounts as it is very beneficial for the body, not only does it detoxify the body but also process the essential nutrients. Moreover, it is instrumental in preventing the early signs of ageing from showing up.

Ensure To Enhance Your Iron Levels

Iron is a necessary ingredient that ensures the overall health of the hair. So, one must go for food products that supply adequate amounts of iron including nuts, wholegrain, spinach, red meat, etc. Moreover, one would also need to take Vitamin C as well along with it in order to ensure that the iron gets absorbed properly.

Go For Plenty Of Seafood

If you like seafood then you have better chances of taking effective care of your skin and hair. The seafood including crab, lobster, and salmon is found to contain astaxanthinis that is a powerful antioxidant, which ensures proper lubrication of the skin. Moreover, it also reduces the dark circles as well as pigmentation and improves the elasticity of the skin as well. Also, regeneration of the skin cells is boosted after consuming the seafood. So, one must always consider increasing the intake of seafood in their diet.

Reduce The Intake Of Sugar

Sugar is the root cause of a lot of diseases including obesity, skin problems, hair problems, etc. So, avoid sugar in your diet.

Go For Colourful And Healthy Vegetables

One must go for colourful vegetables including sweet potatoes, carrots, as they have rich amount of Beta Carotene, which is a potent antioxidant that is instrumental in keeping the free radicals at bay. Moreover, it facilitates the healing of the skin, and helps the skin in sustaining its natural tan. Moreover, green leafy vegetables are also beneficial since they contain Lutein, which improves the elasticity of the skin and protects it from potential harmful effects.

Never Forget To Take Ample Quantity Of Vitamin E And Vitamin C

Skin needs vitamin C and vitamin E in order to function effectively. These vitamins provide essential nutrients that ensure round the clock protection of the skin. So, one should eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods including avocadoes, nuts, citrus fruits, and berries.

Take Vitamin B As Well

Vitamin B is very effective in protecting the hair. Moreover, it also leads to the formation of hair as well. Further, it is also instrumental in balancing the stress hormones of the body. So, one should always take foods rich in Vitamin B, and taking Vitamin B supplements is also not a bad option. However, one needs to consult a physician for that.

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