Skin Care Plan For People In Their 20s According To Their Specific Skin Type


Most of the people don’t have to worry at all for their skin as a little care could ensure that their skin keeps glowing and healthy. However, there are some people whose attention is always drawn towards their skin as they are vulnerable to developing a lot of skin problems. So, one’s skin care plan should always analyze the type of skin they have first, in order to ensure that one is adopting specific methods and treatments so as to ensure the best care of the skin. So, people in their 20s should always analyze their skin’s type and chalk out a skin care plan accordingly. Some of the key steps towards preparing this plan include:

Understanding The Skin Type

The foremost step is to assess one’s skin’s type. It is necessary to ascertain this beforehand so as to pick up the most suitable products for treating the skin. Several people could have several types of skin including sensitive, dry, or oily. So, the ones with oily skin should avoid the use of creams that are loaded with oils, and people with sensitive skin should avoid harsh chemicals in the products they choose.

Ensure Safety From The Sun

The primary factor which leads to the deterioration of the condition of the skin is the exposure of the skin to sun’s rays. So, one must ensure safety of their skin from the sun. For this one must always wear a sunscreen with SPF of 30 at least. Moreover, people with sensitive skin should avoid getting out in sun altogether, and even if they have to go they should cover their body parts and wear the sunscreen all the time.

Exfoliate The Skin

Another pivotal element in the skincare regime is exfoliation. One must always exfoliate the skin two times in a week at least. This will eliminate the dead cells that clog the pores. Further, people with normal skin could go for manual scrubs as well in order to remove the unwanted cells, however, people with delicate skin should never go for manual scrubs as that could cause irritation to them. They could go for formulae in face wash that have exfoliating features.

Hydrate The Skin

One should always ensure that their skin is hydrated properly. They should use a moisturizer for this. It is significant to note that people with oily skin too need to use moisturizers. This is because hydration of the skin is necessary. And, in contrast, if they are bent upon removing the oil from their skin altogether, then their plan can actually backfire since this will lead to the production of more oil from the sebaceous glands. So, people with oily skin should keep precaution and hydrate their skin, but in moderation.

Taking Retinoid

One could always go for Vitamin A or its supplements like Retinoid since they have numerous benefits for the skin. However, people with delicate skin should avoid its intake as these supplements could have allergic reactions on their skin. So, people with delicate skin should always consult the dermatologists in order to get proper treatment for their skin.

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