Treatment of Skin Using Beer

Beer seems to be our refreshing drink in the weekend. It helps us to get refreshed and fight the stress that we are about to face in the next week But did you know that beer can be a great ingredient to be installed in your beauty regime? Well, if you didn’t know the fact then this article you are about to read is going to enlighten your view. Beer is low in pH, as a result of which the grease and dirt present in your skin gets removed. All you need to do is pour some amount of beer into a bucket of water and rinse your body thoroughly. There are quite a few ways in which beer can be a helpful beauty ingredient. Let us figure out how beer can be helpful for our skin.


Fights acne

If your skin is suffering from any disease such as acne or eczema, then beer can be very helpful to treat them. Beer is produced by a fermentation process, hence it consists of yeasts. These yeasts fight against the skin problems and remove them from their roots.

Freshens the skin

Beer contains large amounts of potential nutrients. These nutrients get into the skin tissues of our body and remove impurities from inside. It results in the purification of our skin, allowing it to be fresh. Skin attains glow as a result of using beer to wash our body.

Removes pimples

Washing face with the beer can work great if you have pimples. Pimples can be treated at a very fast pace if beer is used. Beer removes the extra oil content from your skin, which results in the removal of pimples and spots from the skin.

Treats sunburn

If beer is used to wash our skin, if creates a shield around it that protects the skin from the heat of the sun. As a result, the problem of sunburn is prevented. If your skin is already suffering from redness caused by inflammation, beer can be the perfect thing to try. It provides the skin with essential nutrients that fight against inflammation and thus removes redness.

Let us now figure out, how beer can be used for the best results.

Facial mask

Mix a spoon of beer with the white portion of an egg and mix a drop of almond extracts. Whisk the ingredients together unless it appears to be sticky. Wash the face before applying the solution and let the mask dry up on your skin. Once it appears to be hard, rinse it thoroughly.

The next time you are heading towards the bar, get a bottle of beer just for the ‘beauty’ of it!

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