Unearthing The Reasons Behind Acnes And Taking Effective Steps To Prevent Their Occurrence

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Acnes are people’s worst nightmares as they can make them embarrassed. These acnes affect one’s confidence as people feel shy to speak with other if they get acnes. Moreover, these acnes get worse in summers. So, it becomes pivotal to understand what causes acnes, so that one could take effective steps to prevent its occurrence.

Triggers For Acnes

Hormonal Changes

The foremost reason for getting acnes is the hormonal changes that one’s body undergoes. For example, girls are prone to getting acnes in pregnancy, puberty, and even in their menstruation period.


The second reason that is attributed to the occurrence of acnes is the genetic condition of a person. Certainly, one’s genes are the deciding factor behind how one looks and appears, so the occurrence of acnes is related to one’s genes.

Scorching Heat

Scorching heat is another reason why one gets acnes. This is because the searing heat leads to excessive sweating, and when this comes in contact with the dust and dirt from the surroundings the pores get clogged, and ultimately the skincare products that one applies trigger infection and allergies.

Chronic Stress

If one leads an unhealthy lifestyle and is constantly under stress, then the frequency of occurrence of acnes becomes more common. So, unhealthy lifestyle is also a factor for acnes.


Apart from all these factors, sometimes some medications can also lead to acnes.

Steps To Prevent The Occurrence Of Acnes

After having understood the primary reasons for acnes, it is clear that by taking effective care the occurrence of these acnes could be prevented. Or, in some cases, one could mitigate the harmful effects of acnes as well. So, here are some methods to prevent acnes from surfacing.

Keeping Well Cleansed Face

Cleansing the face is one of the primary requirements to prevent the occurrence of acnes. Regular cleansing of the face ensures that all the conditions that are favourable for the appearance of acnes are removed completely. So, one must cleanse the face at least twice in a day. Moreover, if one is facing the unfavourable weather, or is doing physical exercises or workouts that is causing a lot of sweating, then in that case cleansing becomes all the more important and indispensable.

Ensuring The Pores Don’t Get Clogged

Another thing is to ensure that one’s pores are not clogged. So, exfoliating the skin regularly is mandatory. However, it should be done in excess and one should do it twice in a week only. Apart from it, one could prevent clogging of the pores by choosing natural products rather than synthetic materials for skincare.

Limiting The Amounts Of Oil

Now, there is a reason why exfoliating should be done in limits. The main thing is the amount of oil produced by the body should be limited. And, if one’s skin is too much dry then the body gets the signals to produce excessive oils, which is not at all good for the skin since it leads to favourable conditions for the acnes to appear.

Avoiding Humid And Dusty Environment

This environment is adverse for the skin as one is more vulnerable to acnes then. So, one must avoid such weather as much as possible and ensure regular cleansing of the skin even if they have to get out in this weather anyways.

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