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Archives for May 2015

Treatment of Skin Using Beer

Beer seems to be our refreshing drink in the weekend. It helps us to get refreshed and fight the stress that we are about to face in the next week But did you know that beer can be a great ingredient to be installed in your beauty regime? Well, if you didn’t know the fact then this article you are about to read is going to enlighten your view. Beer is low in pH, as a result of which the grease and dirt present in your skin gets removed. All you need to do is pour some amount of beer into a bucket of water and rinse your body thoroughly. There are quite a few ways in which beer can be a helpful beauty ingredient. Let us figure out how beer can be helpful for our skin.


Fights acne

If your skin is suffering from any disease such as acne or eczema, then beer can be very helpful to treat them. Beer is produced by a fermentation process, hence it consists of yeasts. These yeasts fight against the skin problems and remove them from their roots.

Freshens the skin

Beer contains large amounts of potential nutrients. These nutrients get into the skin tissues of our body and remove impurities from inside. It results in the purification of our skin, allowing it to be fresh. Skin attains glow as a result of using beer to wash our body.

Removes pimples

Washing face with the beer can work great if you have pimples. Pimples can be treated at a very fast pace if beer is used. Beer removes the extra oil content from your skin, which results in the removal of pimples and spots from the skin.

Treats sunburn

If beer is used to wash our skin, if creates a shield around it that protects the skin from the heat of the sun. As a result, the problem of sunburn is prevented. If your skin is already suffering from redness caused by inflammation, beer can be the perfect thing to try. It provides the skin with essential nutrients that fight against inflammation and thus removes redness.

Let us now figure out, how beer can be used for the best results.

Facial mask

Mix a spoon of beer with the white portion of an egg and mix a drop of almond extracts. Whisk the ingredients together unless it appears to be sticky. Wash the face before applying the solution and let the mask dry up on your skin. Once it appears to be hard, rinse it thoroughly.

The next time you are heading towards the bar, get a bottle of beer just for the ‘beauty’ of it!

Five Fruits for Glowing Skin

It is a fact undenied that fruits are often the best medicines. Consuming them as a whole or a cup of its juice everyday can do wonders for the skin health. It is a far better alternative to the chemical cosmetics that are available in the market; that’s for sure. These fruits are natural components, are easily available, are cost-effective and bring about a visible difference to the skin complexion.

In this article, we are going to bring forth some fruits that our readers should regularly consume to get flawless and naturally beautiful skin. Include these in your daily diet – they’re tasty and is a must in you skin care regime.



This fruit that contains a high concentration of magnesium, potassium, iron and also reduces the menstrual cramps. Along with that, it also comprises of skin benefitting vitamins namely vitamin A, B and E. These act as an effective anti-aging element and also protect the skin from several other skin hazards. Mashing a fresh banana and applying it on to the face can help bring a natural glow to the skin.


We all have heard the phrase- “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” it is true! Apple consists of several minerals and vitamins that prove advantageous to the skin. These essential components along with its anti-oxidant characteristics prevent the cells as well as the tissues from getting damaged. On extensive research, it has also been found that apple comprises of collagen and elastin that prevent the skin from aging. It keeps the skin young and gives it a natural glow to it.


Orange is a citrus fruit and contains high concentrations of vitamin C. It is a fruit for all seasons and regular consumption of orange will make the skin beautiful and naturally glowing. Along with that, it also hydrates the skin and cleans the impurities that exist within the skin pores. It also evens the skin tone and makes it look fair and even. Simply rub the inner portion of orange to the skin surface and leave it on for some time. After that, clean it off using warm water! This will help tighten the skin and assist in clearing all possible skin blemishes.


It is rich in vitamin A and also comprises of antioxidants that fight skin aging issues. It restores the elasticity of the skin and makes it naturally beautiful and shiny.


It is rich in antioxidants that eliminate dead cells and removes all the accumulated skin impurities. It contains a special enzyme that also reduces dark spots and makes the skin texture nice and shiny.


5 Natural Detox Drink to Obtain Healthy Skin and Energetic Mind

Detoxification is the process of removing the harmful toxins from the body. There are several folks who are following detox diets or drinks to eliminate their existing body toxins. If you’re one of those thinking to go ahead with a detox diet, here are some things that you should know. Firstly, you need to consult with your doctor for an opinion as detox diets can take a toll on the body.

In this segment, we are going to focus on some of the natural and healthy detox drinks which people can employ to get an en energetic mind as well as a healthy body.

Lemonade drink

Lemonade drink

We all know the benefits of lemon and that it comprises of wonderful components which the essential for body development. So the techniques are- Take 2 tbsp. of fresh lemon juice, 2 tbsp. of maple syrup, 1/10th tsp. of cayenne pepper in about 8 ounces of purified water. Mix it properly and consume it regularly.

Green detox drink:

Greenies such as green vegetables are always a good option of cleansing the body from the digestive system. It comprises of loads of vitamins and several benefiting components which purify the body from the inside. Hence to make this drink, one needs about 3 carrots, 3 kale leaves, 2 celery stalk, 2 beets, a turnip, ½ bunch of spinach, cabbage, onion, parsley, about 2 garlic cloves etc. Properly cut them and throw it into a mixer. After the blending is done pour it into a glass and enjoy!

Detox dandelion tea

Take about 6 tbsp. of dried dandelion root, 12 tbsp. of dandelion leaves within 4 cups of boiling water. Allow it to brew for about 10 minutes and then after pouring it into the cup, enjoy!

Fresh cranberry juice:

Take about one diluted portion of cranberry within four different parts of water. Add about 1 tbsp. each of apple pectin and psyllium fiber to gently stimulate the intestinal elimination of toxins.

Fruit detox drink:

Take about 8 oz. of orange juice, ½ cups of strawberry, banana or yogurt, ½ inch of sliced ginger, 1 tiny garlic clove, 1 tbsp. flax oil, 1 tbsp. of lecithin granules, 1 tbsp. of lemon juice and 1 tbsp. of spirulina powder of protein powder. Do the chopping as well as peeling properly and then throw them into the mixer. Blend it properly and after pouring into a glass, enjoy!

These are some of the popular as well as natural drinks which assist in detoxification. You can complement them with the skin care regime you follow with Vine Vera products to get the best results.





Vine Vera Eye Collection

The Vine Vera Eye Collection consists of 4 products which together form the perfect eye care routine for you. The help make the eye –area free from dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles while also nourishing and firming the area from deep within. It makes the under-eye area look bright and relaxed and gives it a healthy look. Make-up when applied on healthy and young looking eyes makes a woman look even more beautiful and the make-up sets in better as well.

It is the ingredients in these products that make it special and effective. Let us take a look at the ingredients in the Vine Vera Eye Collection and see what they have to offer to the skin around the eyes.

Caffeine – Applying caffeine-infused products on the under-eye area have been proven to reduce the appearance of puffy and tired eyes and reduce the swelling to a large extent. Skin experts suggest that caffeine might also be helpful in protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and successfully block UVB rays. It is the sun damage that gives way to pigmentation under the eyes and cause dark circles to occur.

Vitamin A – The tissues surrounding the eyes often get damaged. Using Vitamin A infused eye care products help to maintain the good health of the skin and also repair any tissue that has been damaged. Being rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A helps to fight off early signs of aging, wrinkles and thinning of skin around the eyes.

Vitamin E – The reason why Vitamin E is used alongside Vitamin A in eye care products is that it has the ability to fight off free radicals and increase the circulation of blood in the area surrounding the eyes. It also moisturizes the skin from within and keeps the eye area looking young and healthy.

Vitamin C – Using eye products that contain Vitamin C helps to remove dark circles under the eyes as it increases collagen content in this area thereby tightening the skin and plumping it up. Moreover, it protects the skin against sun damage and free radicals which help the area around the skin to age quickly and allow dark circles to form.

Green Tea – Green Tea contains a component named tannin which is helpful in treating puffy and tired eyes and dark circles as well by shrinking the blood vessels in this area. It reduces the under-eye swelling while tightening and firming the area around the eyes.