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Hair care

Natural Techniques for Preventing Dandruff

All of us has at least once in our life has given up on getting rid of this dry, itchy scalp and changed the wardrobe of black dresses. As many would say, if you have dandruff you do not have the license to wear black. But what will you do if black is your only favorite color? You don’t have to throw away your black outfits. Nature can save you. Want to find out how? Here we go.


Neem – A solution to All Infections

Indian lilac or neem is hugely recommended in traditional medicines. It is known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties. In case your scalp needs to be set free from those little germs and not just get rid of dry scales, neem is the solution you should be seeking. Apply neem paste on your scalp and wash off after drying. You will know the difference soon.

Vinegar – Sour Solution

Not all the solutions are going to be spicy or bitter. Some might even be bit sour, but the experience is going to be sweet one at the end. Confused? Bear with us as we tell you about the sour solution. Let us retrace our path where we were trying to understand what exactly dandruff is. Dandruff simply refers to the dead skin cells on scalp due to lack of enough moisture or at times due to fungal or bacterial infection. The dead scales pile up, block the pores of your scalp and thus stop nutrients to reach the root of your hair.

Vinegar can help you solve such issues. So as you apply vinegar to your scalp, it stops the piling up of dead skin cells on your scalp and prevents pore blockage. Another bonus is the feature of vinegar we termed as “fungicide”. So it prevents the fungus from making a home on your scalp and thus restores scalp health as good as ever.

Aloe Vera – the Cool Plant

Remember the feeling you get when you are having a tough day and you decide to take a hot shower? Yes, I know that. And trust me it’s the same feeling you get as a result of the application of aloe vera gel on your scalp. Squeeze take an aloe vera gel and apply directly to your scalp. It is going to moisturize your otherwise dry scalp, rejuvenate your healthy hair and destroy all those terrible scales of dandruff.

If you’re looking for the best results for skin and hair care, do not forget to use our range of Vine Vera products that are sure to help you get rid of your worries in no time.

Fruits That Strengthen Hair Growth

Hair is the most lucrative organ of our body. Just like any other tissues, hairs also need enough nutrients to survive. The deficiency of nutrients can result in certain problems regarding hair. It can cause dandruff, which are threatening for our hair. The drastic amounts of pollutants in the air also can cause several problems to our hair. Therefore, to stimulate the growth of hair, it is our responsibility to take care of them. The hair products available in the market often claim to strengthen the growth of hair, but most of the times the chemical contents of such products damage the quality of our hair. Fortunately, we have been backed by the fruitful nature. Various fruits are available in nature that stimulates hair growth. In case you are suffering from hair loss, this article can be helpful for preventing the problems related to your hair.



Tomato is considered to be the best fruit available for taking care of hair. The enzymes present in the fruit strengthen the roots of the hair; as a result, hair fall can be prevented. The antioxidant contents of this particular fruit protect our hair from the harmful solar radiation. The sun rays on an excessive amount can damage hair. Applying tomato extracts on the scalp can prevent such problem with ease. Therefore, you must collect some tomatoes from the store for both consumption and scalp massage.


The strawberry is a red colored berry, which is both delicious and nutritious at the same time. This particular fruit consists of vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient needed for hair growth. Either consumption of strawberries or massaging the scalp with the paste derived from the fruit, both can be helpful for boosting up hair growth.


When it comes to growth of hair, the fruit queen is here to rescue. The nutrients present in this particular fruit are extremely beneficial for our hair. The antioxidants present in this fruit circulate abundant blood to the root tips of our hair. As a result they get nourished. This result in the strengthening of the hairs and thus more hair tend to grow. Applying grape seed oil on the scalp can prevent dandruff from occurring on the scalp.

The fruits that are been mentioned above are extremely helpful for strengthening hair growth. They put a stop to the hair problems and allow the hair to grow fast. The nutrients available in these fruits nourish the hair tissues from within, thus making them stronger.