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Fresh Fruit Flavored Infused Water Mix Of Cucumber And Lemon

Everyone’s skin is different. For some people, it will be dry and for some, it will be oily and for some other people, the skin will be more sensitive. My skin is extremely sensitive. Especially during the winter months, my skin will become drier. I have to be extremely choosy to get the right product during that season. That is why I trust Burt’s Bees. The Burt’s Bees sensitive wipes are very gentle and easy to use.

You would have seen that most of the commercial product claim that it has the cucumber. Because cucumber is one of the best beauty ingredients. Yes, it is a healthy diet too. However, when it is used as a beauty product, it will help your skin glow inside out. Cucumber is anti-inflammatory and has a high level of caffeic acid. The caffeic acid reduces irritation and swelling. Silica another property present in the cucumber helps collagen formation, which helps to grow strong hair and nails.


Drinking water in the winter season is not easy. People often prefer hot coffee instead of cold water. To be honest I’m a coffee lover. Especially in the winter season, I would take a lot of coffee instead of taking water. It may sound weird. But filling up a pitcher and call it as a spa water. Believe me, there is a psychology behind it. Your skin will have an extra hydration and have the nutrition of lemon and cucumber.

Do you know your skin has silica? Cucumbers are also high in silica. The silica that is found in the cucumber is found in your skin. You will get the most out of the cucumber if it is organic. So go for organic cucumber.

– 1/2 Sliced cucumber (Organic)

– 1/2 Sliced lemon

– Filtered water in larger pitcher

Keep all these ingredients and combine them in a big pitcher. If you keep it for a long time it will give you a better flavor. If you keep the water on the counter, it will be easier for you to drink.


Winter is a terrible season for the skin. It will keep your skin dry. This hydrating and calming face mask will take all the red outs from your skin (Readouts are common during winter season). Oatmeal and cucumber both are anti-inflammatory and soothing to your skin. Yogurt is another good ingredient for your skin, which soothes and exfoliates your skin. To remove the dead skin cells and load your skin up with the vitamin A and calcium use Sage.

– Two tablespoon sugar-free yogurt (Plain)

– Two tablespoon cucumber pureed

– Two tablespoon Sage (chopped)

– Two tablespoon oatmeal.

Mix and combine all these ingredients. Make your face dry. And apply this mask over your face. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash your face using lukewarm water. This remedy is perfect for dry and irritating skin.

These natural remedies are good for your skin, and it has no side effects. By using this you will have all the upside and no downside.

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