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Going For Appropriate Skincare As You Reach The 50s

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One of the main concerns for your skin, when you are in your 50s is moisturizing. During this period of your life, your skin undergoes sagging and loss of tone which cannot be totally repaired with the help of serums and creams. If you are looking forward to some more amazing results, apart from what you get through using potential products such as amino acids, alpha hydroxyl acids, retinoids or peptides, the best thing is to visit a dermatologist and take advice regarding laser treatments or other skin rejuvenation therapies.

The ideal skincare routine for a woman in her 50s should include the following steps for the most effective outcome.


The best thing is to make use of a cream cleanser which will lead to skin hydration as well as cleanse the skin.


You must go for a moisturizing cream which has SPF in it. This will safeguard the skin and also keep it hydrated. Ingredients such as retinoids can increase the sensitivity of the skin towards the sun. Hence it is advisable to use a sunscreen on a daily basis.

Applying Serum

During the day, go for application of a serum which is rich in peptide, beneath the SPF that you are applying. This will help to build collagen in the skin. It is also a great idea to look for a serum that is loaded with antioxidants, because it will help you combat free radicals. A serum containing hyaluronic acid helps to keep the moisture locked in.

Applying Retinoid

In the night, prior to applying a moisturizer, make sure to apply a retinol. It is best to apply retinoids during the night, since they tend to lose their power when they are exposed to UV rays of the sun.

Using Petroleum Jelly

A petroleum jelly can be inexpensive and simple to apply, but it is extremely effective in locking in moisture, which is a vital thing for the skin. You can use some petroleum jelly after application of serums.

Apart from following the basic regimen, it would also be good to follow these tips. They will make your routine all the more effective.

  • Whether the sun is shining or it is raining, you must be very sincere in applying your sunscreen on a daily basis. Remember that the harmful UV rays have the potential to penetrate through the clouds.
  • Be it moisturizers or cleansers; always make sure to use the appropriate kind of product as per your skin type.
  • If your skin is dry, avoid hot water totally. Also make sure to apply creamy cleansers and thick moisturizers.
  • The layer of dead skin becomes thicker as one grows older, so the best thing is to exfoliate the skin regularly. This will render a fresher look to the skin.

The 50s is a time when you have crossed some significant phases of your life and are approaching a more vulnerable phase. Your skin also ages along with you so a proper skincare regimen can indeed boost the vitality of your skin and make it look younger.

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