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Fresh, youthful and skin with a glow is the dream of every person. We have all heard several tips to achieve this. Here is some advice from an expert beautician about how you can get the perfect skin.


Cleansing the skin daily is a process the importance of which cannot be overstressed. After a whole day, skin is covered with dust, grime and make-up. Going to bed with these can clog pores resulting in acne and marks. Cleansing is particularly important at night, before going to bed. Double cleansing before bed and cleansing once during the day are highly useful. It is also important to wash with warm water.


Keeping skin moisturized will help keep skin fresh and young and prevent it from becoming dry and wrinkly. However, it’s best to avoid moisturizers with pigments. These pigments are absorbed within the body and can cause harmful effects.

Skin hydration is very important. Drinking a lot of water helps with this. An important point here which a very few people realize is that facial skin becomes dry during the night when we sleep and our face rubs against a pillowcase. So, it’s imperative that pillowcases should be changed every few days. This will prevent breakouts.


Diet is very important in keeping skin healthy. The food we eat affects every body organ and system, skin included. Foods that are beneficial include those which are high in fiber content like fruits and prunes. Seaweed is a much-underrated food item that actually is very good for skin. It has anti-inflammatory action and so keeps skin healthy.

The foods that should be avoided are high fat, processed food items. This includes deep fried things, like chips. These foods cause inflammation. They can damage many body organs, causing stones, liver fat, arthritis etc. In skin, they result in acne and redness. So, avoiding fatty foods can save you from a lot of trouble, both in terms of skin as well as other health issues.


Reflexology is a process in which pressure is applied to specific reflex points on hands, feet and head. These are said to reduce stress and result in overall better health and good skin. Facials and deep pore cleansing are also good for keeping skin young and hydrated. So, it is recommended to get frequent facials and try reflexology as well.


Everyone dreads an acne breakout. It’s something we all do everything to avoid. But if you do get a breakout of pimples, there’s a solution in natural herbs. First, cleanse your skin. Then give it steam with water that is mixed with rosemary, oregano and thyme. This will open up the skin pores. Now you can gently remove the dirt trapped in these pores by pressing with your index fingers after wrapping them with tissue. At the end, have another session of cleansing and then apply a toner.

Drinking apple cider vinegar (with water) is also very helpful in keeping skin clean and clear.

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