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Introduction to Vine Vera


Everybody loves to look beautiful and at Vine Vera, we help you be beautiful, from both inside and out. Our range of skin care products help you do a whole lot more than just mundanely using them – we ensure that you have all the care you need when it comes to taking care of yourself.

The Vine Vera range of products are all infused with various vitamins which can work wonders for your skin. They are vitamin A, B, C and E. Besides being powerful antioxidants, each of these vitamins can be extremely beneficial for the skin.

Vitamin A – This vitamin is also known as retinol. Retinol has been scientifically proven to help reverse the signs of aging and make a person look younger than their true age. It works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines which can make a person look old and dull. It also helps moisturize dry skin and prevent acne from occurring in the first place. Sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy green vegetables, squash and dried apricots are rich in this vitamin.

Vitamin B – The benefits of vitamin B are many. It helps give the skin a firmer and more radiant look. It also promotes better blood circulation. When the body gets a proper blood flow, the skin starts glowing and is more capable of preventing skin disorders from occurring easily. Vitamin B has been added to the Vine Vera Eye Care Collection too as it helps reduce dark circles and may even rid you of them completely with regular use. Shellfish, liver, fish, crab, soy products such as tofu and fortified cereals are rich in this vitamin.

Vitamin C – This vitamin helps protect the human skin against all types of damage especially that caused by exposure to UV rays. It is quite helpful in restoring damaged skin tissues to good health. It does so by boosting natural collagen production in the body which keeps our skin tissues young and healthy. An entire collection has been dedicated to this vitamin alone as it is gentle enough for daily use and offers all the protection your skin ever needs. All types of berries, cabbage, citrus fruits, kiwi and melons are some fruits and veggies rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin E – The other name for this vitamin is the anti-aging vitamin. It is quite similar to the main ingredient used in Vine Vera products which is resveratrol. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. Antioxidants do not allow free radicals to form in the body. Vitamin E also helps prevent premature aging from taking place due to sun exposure and keeps the skin looking younger. Using Vitamin E infused products will help make your skin softer and smoother and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Almonds, raw seeds, spinach, turnip greens, kale and hazelnuts are excellent sources of vitamin E.

Vine Vera Chinti Set

If you love yourself, you can rest assure that we have the exact ingredients to help you look younger and reduce the signs of early aging to such an extent that people will just not be able to guess your true age!

Why choose Vine Vera?

We are a leading brand offering a huge range of skin care cosmetics that help make you look younger, deal with the effects of premature aging and give way to a younger and healthier you.

Many of our products use the secret ingredient resveratrol which is extracted from the skin of red grapes and is a great antioxidant that helps reverse the process of aging and transform the skin completely. It has been scientifically proven to slow down the process of aging, with many other amazing wonders of this ingredient becoming popularly known to all.

Vine Vera Merlot Collection

What more can I expect?

Along with resveratrol, Vine Vera also uses natural vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E as main ingredients in its products as they are powerful antioxidants. Not only this, but some carefully selected extracts, minerals and oils are too part of the Vine Vera range of products because of the amazing qualities they possess and the wonders they work when applied topically to the skin.

Some common extracts are green tea extracts, citrus peel extracts and caffeine, which possess anti-aging properties that help make the skin tighter, firmer and younger looking. They help avoid surgical intervention of any kind and allow you to achieve what you want naturally.

So whether you wish to protect your skin from damage, make it look younger, hydrate and moisturize it from within or mold your skin the way you have always wanted to, Vine Vera helps you do all this and more by using their amazing range of products which cannot be found anywhere else.

All about

Our site,, offers all the information and details that a visitor looks for when buying a product from the Vine Vera stables. Whether it is to know more about the ingredient resveratrol before actually using the products on their skin or the other ingredients that Vine Vera uses in its various products and collections, you can find everything you need, with the help of a few clicks.

We help you know each ingredient’s benefits and help you to confidently decide which product would help you deal with your specific skin issue or problem.

If you’re wondering why you would not be better off using other skin care products, we have the answer to that too. Most of our products use natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals that can have various side effects on your body. In addition, we have everything from resveratrol to seed oils in our products, helping you have skin and a body that you can be proud of.

4 Responses to Introduction to Vine Vera

  1. Avatar Bonnie Charvet says:

    How much is the seringe of the instant eye puff and lines smoother?

  2. Avatar Evelyn Murtagh says:

    hello, I’m in Norway and have bought vine Vera eye collection serum and cream and also non surgical syringe but I don’t understand how to use them. Can u pls help me. Is it serum first and then cream? In the evening or twice a day? And the spring, is it once a week or more? I’m 62. Thanks

    • vinevera vinevera says:

      Hello Everlyn Murtagh,
      We advise consulting with an OROGOLD staff member or an ethestician for a skin care routine tailored exactly to your skin. For product order, you will want to always layer from lightest consistency to heaviest, so serums come before creams. You can check out for general instructions on how to use each product/collection. For assistance over the phone, feel free to contact our customer service at 877-554-1777.
      Thank you,
      Vine Vera Ingredients

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