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Great Ways Of Maintaining Healthy Skin In 50s And Beyond

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Some women in their 50s really find it challenging to take effective care of their skin. They always seem to be confronted with one skin issue or the other. However, there are women who seem to have no problem in taking care of their skin. Common skin problems like wrinkles, ageing, etc. don’t seem to affect them at all, which is certainly baffling for the former type of women. However, this really shows the effort and perseverance of the latter type of women. They have certainly adhered to the skincare principles in earnest, and have ensured protection from the sun all throughout their lives. Moreover, they must also have invested in some good quality skincare products as well.

Still, all women can ensure that they look stunningly beautiful in this age. So, here are some of the greatest ways of ensuring a glowing skin in one’s 50s.

Never Forget The SPF

One must never forget wearing SPF daily. This is the main requirement that continues throughout one’s life. Moreover, as one advances in age, the natural capacity of the body to fight diseases reduces. That is, the immunity of the body reduces greatly. So, one is prone to getting affected from environmental factors. And, in this case, it becomes greatly essential to ensure proper care of the skin. Hence, one must wear sunscreen daily in order to prevent it from sun damage. This certainly prevents the occurrence of dark spots on the face. Moreover, fine lines and wrinkles are also prevented from becoming prominent.

Moisturizing With Retinoid Based Skincare Product

Retinoid is a great ingredient that can prevent the skin from common problems like dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Basically, it improves the cell turnover, and thus, provides that extra glow to the skin. So, if one uses a moisturizer with retinoid then it serves twin purpose; firstly, one is able to prevent the skin from going dry, and secondly, the free radicals that destroy the skin are greatly reduced as well.

Night Cream For Reinvigorating The Skin

One must enhance their skincare regimen once they enter in their 50s. So, women must use night cream without fail in order to rejuvenate their skin. Basically, the skin repairs itself at night, and so, if one uses a night cream, then the skin retains its supple and soft nature. Moreover, one must look for products like glycerine that helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Also, Niacinamide provides that barrier to the skin that helps in retaining the moisture.

Under Eye Cream

Addition of under eye cream is another mandatory requirement for women in their 50s. This is because first signs of ageing start to appear under the eyes, as the area is sensitive and vulnerable. So, investing in a good quality eye cream can certainly work wonder in this case.


Exercising regularly is also a mandatory requirement for women in their 50s. This is a natural method of ensuring proper health of the skin and the body. All the parts of the skin receive proper blood, and thus, they remain healthy. This helps a person achieve that glowing appearance.

Valuable Skin Care Tips That Are Little Known To People

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Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it is the organ that braves the rough treatment meted out by the foreign particles. So, one must endeavour to learn about the best skin care tips and treatments that could help them take better care of their skin. Here is a list of some valuable skin care tips that are little known to people.

Don’t Bury The Head In The Pillow While Sleeping

Well, it is a well-researched fact now that the way one sleeps decides how they are going to appear. Strange it may seem but if one sleeps with their head buried inside the pillow then they are exposing the skin to greater chances of wrinkle and acne formation. Pillow is not purely clean as a lot of dust, dirt, and oil gets accumulated on it over a period of time. So, if they are not washed properly then there are greater chances of getting affected with acne formation and wrinkles.

Drink Mineral Water

Well, can one even think about the fact that investing in mineral water can help them get radiant skin? This might sound exaggerating but it is 100% true that the minerals like calcium and magnesium that are present in the mineral water help a lot in balancing the pH levels, which ultimately provides one with glowing skin.

Eat Bananas

Eating bananas has a lot of benefits for the skin as it is a rich source of magnesium and potassium. These minerals take care of the digestive system and keep it healthy, which in turn keeps the skin bright and glowing.

Use Iodine For Breakouts

Another secret skin care tip is that whenever one is affected with the problem of breakouts they should use iodine and treat the spot with it. Enough time should be given for it to dry and have its effect before one applies the other skincare products.

Avoid Excessive Application Of Creams Rich In Vitamin A

Another thing to be taken into consideration is that one must always avoid the excessive application of creams that are rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is necessary for the skin for sure, however, its excessive intake or application is one of the primary causes of dry and flaky skin.

Go For Steaming

Steaming the skin can have amazing benefits for the skin as it is an effective technique to treat the allergies, acne, and dehydration of the skin. This treatment ensures that the skin dons a glowing and bright appearance. So, one must always favour this method in order to open the blocked pores of the skin, and help the skin in regaining its natural glow.

Double Mask The Skin

A lot of experts propose nowadays that one must go for double masking the skin. This proves beneficial for the skin as the treatment gives the skin plump and bright appearance.

Get The Skin Massaged

People prefer massaging the skin in order to get relaxation; however, apart from the soothing effects of massaging, the skin too benefits a lot as massaging results in the transportation of oxygen to the areas in which massaging is done. This enables one get the dewy and plump skin that has gleaming appearance.